Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Now my foolish boat is leaning broken lovelorn on your rocks

Photos  by Inez Moro
Vintage one-piece, fur vest stolen from Carla

As already previously (and shamefully) admitted, I am probably the most inconsistent blogger-being ever created. A big part of my now crumbling pile of new-year's resolutions was that I would post more regularly, and I won't even bother trying to come up with a good excuse for my impossible laziness.. I have just been too caught up in my life. Which in my world, means, I have been holing myself up in my bat cave, refusing to deal with all things that make me uncomfortable, and denying myself reality.

Alas, after a little weekend escape into a private island towards the Pacific, I am back with an almost embarrassing amount of backlogs in my inbox.. These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago, when Inez and I decided that life is boring and that we must now find other ways to keep ourselves entertained in the most adult fashion we can manage. A.k.a. I bring over something resembling something that grows in bushes, smear on as much liquid liner as my eyelid can manage to host and we start clicking away in the confines of her 4 walls until I can pose no more. Et voila.

Of course I take it you too wear your swimsuits out in public, covered only by a flimsy fur vest.



Archer said...

oh God i miss reading your posts Dane! i lala-love these photos! i can imagine you wearing graphic print We Are Handsome one-piece swimsuits! bet you'll look great in them!

Unknown said...

I like your style. And your (inconsistent-post) :)

Danny said...

these pictures are really awesome