Friday, February 1, 2013

What you gonna do when she calls your name?

Frank151 Philippines: Boracay Photoshoot from Frank151 on Vimeo.

I can't believe I have never posted the Frank151 BTS video from a shoot I did with my favorite island ladies, a year and a half ago. What have I been doing with my life??

My erratic day-to-day schedule is threatening to murder me in cold blood, but I am fighting back, coffee and red bull in hand. Now if only that would really make up for the average 3-4 hours of sleep I get on a nightly basis. Oddly enough, I absolutely thrive off such rigorous torture.. which again brings me back to my all-familiar penchant for all things masochistic.

This shoot was about representing the country in the Frank 151 issue dedicated entirely to my beloved motherland.

Thank you Sarah Meier and Erica Paredes, for always including me in the most inspiring of all projects.

One looooooooove.


Sheena R. Rasmussen said...

Wonderful words about a wonderful country. I really need to go back home soon <3

SunnyToast said...


life is style said...

so pretty, love it :)
have a great day ❤