Thursday, November 6, 2008


blouse - landmark, bikini - victoria's secret, sunnies - fourskin (singapore)

The day after the crazy Halloween partying, we spent the day in recovery, meaning on the beach with pizza and more coconut juice. The best hangover cure I tell you together with lots and lots of swimming.. I swear by it. But the last few days the weather has just been crazy wet which means lots of staying home hiding from the rain, and doing bad things with good friends that include dancing. I cant really complain!

I still have a pair of bleached jeans that I am considering doing a round two bleach process on, If the weather doesnt clear by tomorrow, then that will probably be on the agenda.

In other news, there have been some bitter negative comments about my weight today.. I personally think Its pretty amusing, but to avoid dirty energy around my daily escape I have decided to start modifying comments. And to that anonymous "sasha" and "abby", I must sheepishly admit that my weight gain is due to the fact I can finally afford to eat whatever my fat heart desires. You should let me buy you a meal, maybe you will be a little happier afterwards. =)

Guess Who Batman - Lily Allen


Hot Bot said...

Screw those bitches, Dane. You're beautiful. Booooootiful :)

Rachel C. said...

it's sad that people feel so bad about themselves that the only way they can make themselves feel better is by laying insult to others.

i used to go running for a hangover cure. my friends all thought i was insane, but seriously the best way to recover is to just feed yourself, get up and make yourself go!

rachel said...

I miss the beach.. I miss lounging on the sand and feeling lazy under the warm warm sun!
my ohmy, I totally agree. A fat juicy burger will probably improve their judgmental mood ;) I personally think youre a whole different person now and you seem much much happier too! and that leaves looking better than ever

and thanks for your sweet comment, I am adjusting quite well to the cold but I still miss those hot sunny days :)

♥ R

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh don't mind them Dane.. You're really PRETTY... beautiful actually (I agree with hotbot). And most of all... you're a happy, stylish, sporty lady!! If you call that fat... then I would be an elephant!!

Smile ok??

I love your blouse!!!

You've been tagged again! I hope you don't get tired of my tags... I just love how you write!! Promise this would be the last one from me! heeehee

Nisey♥Smooches said...

omg i love your blog u r so lucky your a sufer girl :)
ur pretty cool :)

Eelie said...

Oh my gosh! For some stupid reason i missed your comment when i was getting back to everyone and just thought you hadn't updated of something. Forgive me please?! :O I will show you my dedication to you by squawking infront of my computer (hypothetically) lol and replying to ALL your other posts! Hmph, i'm upset with myself now lol. I add thee to the blog roll that way i can't miss you okies!

Sipping coconut and eating pizza...mmmmmmmm

and pshhh, i still think you look lovely hun. Don't le those silly-nillies get to you :D

rachel said...

oh man, I just saw those comments and I just have to say dane, drama insists on following you everywhere, eh? they care for you so much that they can't just let you go.. I'd find that pretty amusing too ;)

oh yeah for sure. It's right there how you're in a different place now (figuratively and, well, literally). worlds away from how you were before and it's easy to see how your disposition has changed. youre so much brighter and happier! better healthy and happy than skinny and bitchy ;p so just go on and throw your happiness in their faces, must be a bitter pill for them to swallow ;)

yes yes, I really wish we could go to the beach. crossing my fingers!

♥ R

yiqin; said...

You look amazing. Can't wait to see those jeans <3

Nina (femme rationale) said...

pizza and coconut juice for hangover? hm...gotta try that next time. and please don't listen to those haters. you look pretty and happy and that's all that matters.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Being girly at the beach rocks!! :)

Thank you for the comment, hon.

♥/ fashion chalet

Mode Junkie said...

hey dane! :) thanks for the super lovely comments you left on my blog. so you're german? or you just grew up here? i'd love to chit chat with you. i have been reading through your archives and you made me miss pinas (read: bora) so much. i am going back hopefully next year, you should bring me to these fun parties you've been going too.:)
i miss buko juice. slurp. i hate you!
don't mind the haters. it just goes to show that you are popular. jealous freaks!

Stompface said...

aw, sweet I can't believe silly people were dissing your weight, you are hot as, and not overweight at all. I would like to kick those fools repeatedly in the shins.

ahhh beach and bleach.
you little rhymer.

bleach those jeans!