Friday, November 14, 2008

Bright as a full moon

dress - This Kid Loves Vintage, cardi - cotton on, tote - cotton on

Last night we had an awesome Goulasch dinner at our kite cafe, which we just finished renovating and so I chose to wear my favorite babydoll dress from This Kid Loves Vintage, in an attempt to hide as much Goulasch consumption as possible. This has got to be one of my favorite dresses ever, and I had only ever worn it twice. It used to be white with red and blue flowers on it, but then after the second time wearing it, I got It back from the wash with the red from the flowers running all over the dress. I was so upset I cried and changed the laundry service for our restaurant, as a sign of protest against the idiot laundry people who ruined it. In desperation, I decided to try my first dye job. I picked blue because I thought it would cover the stains best while maintaining the flower print. Last night was the first time I wore it out in blue, and though I really loved it in white, the blue is starting to grow on me.

Notice my boyfriends ever improving photography skills, when he directed me into being still because he was going to shoot me with no flash so he could get the full effect of the moon. Boyfriends are just so cute that way, arent they?

Of course after dinner, we were obligated to make our many stops down the beach, until we ended up at Juice Bar for some dancing on top of the bar, then Summerplace for dancing on top of tables, and finally at Smoke for some after hour grub, where we stuffed ourselves until we got sleepy. I got home at 5am, but couldnt sleep until sunrise.. my insomnia is getting really hard to control these days.

And just because I miss it so much, here is the white version of the dress, on the night of my birthday last march. (Yes, that is me hugging a tree, which I think I forgot to ever mention here, but tree hugging is something I quite enjoy doing, especially after a whole bottle of champagne on my own.)

Oh and before I go, here is a preview of my first tie-dye project. So so much fun, this whole tie-dye business.


Grace said...

Hi babe, I just chanced upon your blog. I'm from sunny singapore which is kinda monsoony right now. Just like to say I enjoy reading your blog and adore your be-yourself fashion sense. And you make me want to visit boracay island too. It must be absolutely wonderful to live the island life over there. =))

ryan manning said...

existential despair

Mode Junkie said...

i think the blue dress is not that bad.. :) and good job on the dye-ing! i like the result. i agree that boyfriends are really cute in their own ways. tree hugging looks fun though! MUST TRY. haha!

Hot Bot said...

Loooooove that first picture of you :)

Great tie dye! Can't wait to see more.

Erin said...

You are gorgeous and I think you are pretty much living my dream life - beautiful girl in an island paradise! I love love love this tye-dye shirt, it was the first thing that caught my eye when your pics loaded. I was wondering what brand it was when I saw that you made it yourself - so cool! Thank you for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you did, now I have another blog to add to my ever-growing RSS feed :).

DaisyChain said...

I am totally in love with your dress.

Stompface said...

Hooray for your fantastic dying of the dress. I think it looks really lovely in the blue. Those pictures are great, I am so happy your boyfriend is improving his photo taking skills! I wish mine would.

Wooohhh tie dying, I am going to do some soon too.

i love trees I hug them..oww bark in my eye.

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh I love your dress and DIY project!!! Is that a bench undershirt?? I was contemplating on getting one for me from the mens section but hubby rolled his eyes at me and thought I was going nuts! heehee

You looked so cute hugging that coconut tree... And tell your boyf we love his improving camera skills!!

issa said...

you and your friends have so much fun!! love these photos!!