Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Children of the river

Lately Ive been feeling drained and lazy, Ive been procrastinating all over the place, and my place is still a ginormous mess. It must be the island fever. So when the two R's invited us to head to the river on the mainland, I had to go. Turned out, it was exactly what I needed. Time with good friends away from the island, picking flowers and hiking through the jungle-like green. The place is an absolute paradise. We camped out at my uncle's place for the day and feasted on spaghetti and lechon. And then there was a lot of frolicking in the cool streams, gossiping and collecting colored stones. And here is number 1063 on my list of reasons why I ♥ the island.
We also checked out Nonet's amazing collection of woodcarvings, in his treehouse gallery, and I fell in love with a carved vanity.. must build a treehouse to put one in asap.

Today I am vegging out at home, still considering doing a major cleanup of my place, but much happier under the covers watching season 3 of SATC. My breakfast consists of beef jerky, milk and a lemon tart. Just an ordinary morning. I did round two of bleach on those jeans.. but im still not satisfied, something is still missing. But I did do my first tie-dye and may I just say that it is my most favorite dye DIY to date. I am climbing back into my closet to find more things to destroy.

And because there were so many photos from the trip, here they are.

PS: That turtle is one of the dozen of turtles my uncle purchased from the local market. I really wanted to take one home, but he says he is making soup out of them. =(


Eunice said...

No, no, no save the turtle! When the buying stops, the killing can, too... they cry real tears :(

Love the hippie headband, btw.

Hot Bot said...

You live in one hell of a charmed life. That first photo of you is insanely gorgeous, frolicking in a river sounds like something out of a movie, and that silouette in the hammock is making me smile.

And the arrangement of your pics...is that a thing you can do with photobucket?

DaisyChain said...

Oh my, what gorgeous photos. you are SO lucky to live in such an amazing place.

I'm really sad about the turtle though :(
sad sad sad.

Enjoy your vegging out day.

KATLIN said...

Sounds and looks like you had an amazing time!!! I wish I was there or could get away from it all like this... Oh, and the hammock picture is AMAZING. I love the contrasts!

rachel said...

soup! ohmygosh, poor things.
I'm such a procrastinator too, right now I should be studying for midterms (which is tomorrow, btw) and instead I watched Grey's Anatomy and am now surfing the internet. hay hay hay..

those string of flowers are so pretty!

♥ R

P.S. I think I might just be able to hit the beach this december, woohoo! I don't wanna talk about it too much until it's very very final, I don't wanna jinx it!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

I love your flower headgear! Are those real ones you just strung together?? Amazing!

Wow, can we trade locations even for a week?? I'm just about ready to wake up to a seashore and tumble to a riverbank... You're so lucky!!!

May Kasahara said...






michelle said...

gorgeous photos!!

Em said...

Your blog (and you!) are beautiful!!!! As soon as I saw the tutu, it was love.

yiqin; said...

You look SO pretty wit the flowers on your head! :) Btw, I've done the tag :D

a cat of impossible colour said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous photos. Gorgeous. :)

Stompface said...

oh I want to be a child of the river!

Ess Elsie. said...

Your first picture is GORGEOUS. So pretty.

And I like turtles. No to the turtle soup. For some reason, I find them oddly cute. It might be the fact that i was obsessed with this cartoon Franklin when I was little.