Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An embryonic journey to the cherry coloured funk

skirt - vintage, tank - old navy, bag - market market bazaar, acessories - F21, india, bazaar, family heirloom

cut offs - thrifted & DIYed, tee - F21, feather necklace - DIY

skirt - paolo collection, top - GapBody, bracelets, bag - market bazaars

This weekend was a busy one. First there was saturday night, where I among others had to stop by the opening of a friend's restaurant, and a birthday. That pretty much meant walking from almost one end of the island to another, and then back and then forth and then back. In my long dip dye gypsy skirt, walking was a tad excruciating, as there was no breeze that night whatsoever. As usual, we had the giggles, and it seemed like everywhere we went, we were still having a better time than everyone else around us.. hmm I wonder why.

The next morning were all about fish tacos, and then the boyf asked me out to dinner so we headed down to this italian restaurant we hadnt tried yet.. It was overpriced and their lasagna was dry. Shame. This is where I wore my feather necklace for the first time, which I made months ago in a fit of boredom. Its an awesome piece, and Im quite proud of myself for making it with superglue instead of a glue gun. Of course It took me days to get all the glue off my hands, but seeing the photos now, It was probably worth it.

So every season, we get new instructors at our school, so the boyf and I took our two new friends out to a real filipino dinner, which included bulalo, tinola, salted egg and some garlic kangkong. Im sure by now youre like "kang-what?" but I assure you, if you have not tried it yet, then its about time, cause you are missing out babe. For that night I dont have any photos other than the one le boyf took at home, please ignore the mess if that is possible and instead, have a look at my bleached jeans, which are still unfinished.. yeah its exhausting being such a perfectionist.

And so last night was the poker tournament as the fundraiser for the Boracay Dragons. We have a tournament this weekend in the city, and whilst the boyf and I wont be going, because we have wind and work, we are all hoping the team does well and brings home more trophies we can drink alcohol out of. When my friend Jenny saw me, she said "why is your skirt so high up on your waist?" Evidently she has not yet ventured out into the blogosphere. But since most of my friends are quite used to my "unusual" antics, she just proceeded to call me a ballerina, and that was that. Oh how I love my friends. My martian won the big tournament, some big money, a few gift certificates and two bottles of wine, we practically died and went to heaven. I played a few more games, but not to win, but just to play and had a good laugh at the fact that almost every winner of every hand got up on the bench and did a dance. All in all a very satsfactory weekend, I say.

And now I am super late for a date with our brandnew kite. I would post a photo but Im afraid not many people will understand my excitement. Well maybe you will if I tell you its pink? My martian chose it, go figure.



Song of Style said...

ure so lucky u get to experience all that!
ure so gorgeous!

Hot Bot said...


My favorite part about eating with my boyfriend's (Filipino!) family is the ketchup. Banana ketchup or something? No clue, but it's so good! Pork guisantes, pancit, savory and sweet lumpia, fried silit (did I spell that right?), and HALO HALO! Yummy in my tummy.

Congratulations to Martian! And I like your cut-offs, that twirling picture, and your tacos.

My birthday is coming up, and I demand your DIY necklace as a gift, thanks ;)

OH! So you and the boy, ate Italian? My word verification thing is 'pasta'

Bambola said...

LOVE that dyed skirt! I was hoping to read the purchase location with a little more detail. :( Obviously you got urself lucky find! It looks fantastic.

I'll have to scout my local thrift stores this weekend!

♥ fashion chalet said...

What a coincidence, I had tacos for dinner last night, too. :) And I have a similar feather necklace like yours.... here's hoping I get the Tripod for Christmas, to take more outdoor photos for the blog! ;) Thanks for your comments, I adore your long skirt. Adore it!!


May Kasahara said...

You live such a gorgeous life.

I miss eating banana lumpia in Hawai'i


DaisyChain said...

You look gorgeous in everything
and your life is so full of adventure!

Zanita said...

oh those taco look so delicious im starving!! I need to find out where there is a Philippino restaurant in sydney....
I love that skirt, theres nothing so free as wearing long fabric, i have this moomoo thats great to wear on hot days... untill it gets muggy and the cheap fabric doesnt breath! price for fashion hey babe?
You have a stunning face by the way!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh I love your long and short skirts!!! Your feather DIY necklace is so cute too!!!

Maya said...

Everything looks so fun. I love your Lime skirt!

Stompface said...

that skirt is so so so cool.
I am in love with that first picture of you!!
i just love you actually, you are such an awesome lady.