Monday, November 10, 2008

I tag thee, kite-ballerina!

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I am obsessed with nail polish.
I have my own manicure set, am uncomfortable with people touching my toes and hands and therefore prefer to give myself a mani/pedi. When I am at the mall and anywhere near nail polish, I hunt for colors that I "have not tried yet", but after many trips to the mall, I am convinced I am slowly running out of colors - which still does not stop me from purchasing more. I blame my mother for giving me my most favorite hot pink clinique nail polish when i was 16. She created a monster.

I have one million pairs of sunnies.
I literally cant stop buying them. The more colorful and unique, the better. I often buy the cheaper kind, because I would rather buy a few pieces instead of one, and then getting bored with it. Those above are the ones in rotation at the moment. Right now my (again)favorite are the crazy blue ones I got from This Kid Loves Vintage, which are falling apart already but I like to believe I kinda fixed them with some superglue and a glue gun. Yes I was desperate. Oh and the aqua ones below the white aviators are pretty special too - they turn purple in the sun. Got those for about a dollar and a half. Seriously.

I don't like to admit it but I think I have ADD.
I can not focus on anything for longer than two seconds. Unless it is something I am really really enjoying. I am generally interested in everything, so that makes picking a career extremely tricky. I have been a radio DJ, model, customer service rep, sales consultant, bartender, receptionist, kite boarding instructor and marketing and events coordinator. At least they cant say I'm not hard working, right?
I currently would like to become a pastry chef, tailor, journalist and an ANTM judge.

I have lived all over the world, does that make me some kind of a nomad?
Okay so lets see, born in the Philippines, Germany at 8, Spain at 12, Australia at 14, California at 15, Spain at 16, new york at 16, then the Philippines. Manila a year, Cebu a year, manila three years, Cebu a few months, manila a few months, now boracay going on three years. No wonder I feel like I'm approx. 47 years old. I'm exhausted!

I'm a big crybaby.
When Dr. randy Pausch gave a speech about confronting death on Oprah, I bawled my eyes out. When I read Waris Dirie's Desert Flower, a book about her life as a nomad and how she got through female circumcision as a little girl in Somalia, I was teary eyed for most of the book. When I see someone overjoyed with emotion, I cry happy tears. I cry when I am really really angry. And when I think of my family, I miss them so much, I choke up. I guess I just relate to people's emotions really easily. But don't worry I don't do the ugly cry, It more of a I-cant-stop-these-tears kinda crying. My boyfriend isn't turned off, so that must mean I'm doing alright.
Armageddon pretty much pushes me over the edge. Damn you, Liv Tyler and Bruce Willis for doing the hand-on-glass thingy towards the end. Grr.
Oh but I'm really good at not showing it. Practice. Haha.

My favorite food of le moment is crab.
Steamed, with a cup of lemon butter sauce. It takes me about an hour and a half to dissect the entire crab, and usually by the time I'm done, the liquid butter in my sauce has gone solid. My friend eats the whole thing in about 15mins on a bad day, and she thinks I am beyond weird for taking so long and savoring the moment. Um, shell cracking is like totally like, fun. Crab plus a fresh coconut filled with juice and a lemon tart for dessert pretty much equal "I could die right now" kinda happiness for me.
Oh, how will I ever leave this island?

Consider yourselves tagged:
Hot Robot
Qin at the disco
and Rachel at MouseVox Vintage

And now If you have had enough with hearing about me and my boring stories, here are some photos from the day of Hallows Eve, when I insisted on kiting in my tutu. Only time of the year when Its socially acceptable - Still, i was the only one in the water who was in costume, but it was pretty obvious how much everyone was wishing it was them gliding over the water in my very beautiful home made tutu. It was pretty damn radical. Oh, I enjoyed every minute of it.

But after about 15mins on the water, my tutu soaked up loads of water and was just saggy and uncooperative, but I'm convinced everyone on the water got my point.


*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh Dane! You looked so cute kiteboarding in that pink tutu!!! Was that a DIY project?? I want it!!! heehee

Your life is far from being BORING sweety! I loved reading every little word from your tag! Thanks for answering it! I think it must be fun being a "Nomad" and a Jack (rather Jill) of all trades... I'm wondering what field you'll be in next! I love nail polish too but I noticed I've been sticking with the berry tones recently... and OMG I LOVE YOUR SUNNIES!!!!

Hot Bot said...

Wow. Wow. WOW! You are far from boring dear. You've lived in so many places! How lucky. I wish I was well travelled.

You look great kiting in the tutu. I surfed in costume last year. I was the only one wearing a costume at work too. So fun.

makemoremistakes said...

Thank you for the sweet comment, and oh my god you are so adorable! Kiteboarding in a tutu!! AH it's brilliant!!

Hope you're well!

Stompface said...

a tutu and a wetsuit!!! you are officially my hero!!!

thanks for the tag dear.
I did this quirks one not too long ago though.

Amelia said...

Nice tutu!

Lisa said...

you are SO sweet girl.

thanks for the love !
+ wishes.

oh my. you are a world traveller.
that is amazing + such a gift to see so much of our beautiful planet.

hope you are having a beautiful week.


Mode Junkie said...

oh my god you are the cool girlfriend i never had. :) i think it is only you that can pull off that tutu while kiteboarding.
nice to know you did all these jobs and have lived in all these places. bora seems to bring the cake home though, right? I LOVE CRABS! I LOVE CRABS!

DaisyChain said...

Oh my god, you are totally amazing, the pictures are epic!
Thanks for the tag, too. I shall do it at some point this week =)

Maya said...

omg cute!!

Rachel C. said...

i promise to get on this as soon as i can! i just got back from chicago last night and have a ton of stuff to do, but i won't forget. :)


Ess Elsie. said...

Thank you for the tag! I'm gonna post my answer in like 20 minutes.

And oh how I wish I could go kiting in a tutu! I'll settle for frolicking around the house in my old ballet costumes (ahahah, my parents get really confused when this happens).

issa said...

omg you are too kute in that tutu!!! and i love the new header!

May Kasahara said...

oh YES.

home manicures are the best. absolute BEST. I just picked up two polishes from Rescue Beauty Lounge. Most $$$$ polishes I've ever purchased.

a cat of impossible colour said...

You are awesome. I love that you kite-boarded in a tutu. :D

And I also love the selection of jobs you have had! I'm the same, I like to move to different things.

I admire that you take good care of your nails. It may be an addiction, but it's an attractive one. :)

oddgirldiaries said...

you're so cute!

Anonymous said...

can I borrow this? :) will tag you. :)

Dane said...

Layla - Absolutely! :)

Anonymous said...

took ages to post one, but you're tagged, just by way of acknowledging your permission. thank you! <3