Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy 2009, world!

2008 was a really bad year for most people I know, even for myself it was a bit of a roller coaster ride. I really truly hope that 2009 has more in store for all of us, and that it blesses us with more love and peace, and brings out your true radical selves. Live, love, hate, laugh, cry, dance, drink, eat, shout, giggle, learn, teach, create and most importantly, pay it forward. My new years resolutions are:

  • Be more patient, less like the hot headed Aries people know me as.
  • Find my calling, slowly, but surely.
  • Be a good friend, always.
  • Listen to my instincts, they are almost always right.
  • Forgive more.
  • Laugh. All the time.
  • Express my love, more, and without shame.
  • Thrive in my creativity.
  • Inspire others.
  • Be myself.
  • Party more..
  • Pay it forward ♥
  • Live in the moment, dance in the light.
  • Be grateful.
Another resolution should be to try to stick to as many resolutions as possible. Well, I'm only human, but i do try.


Bambola said...

What a list of resolutions!

& those photos are absolutely awesome! :) Happy New Year Lovely.

Hope 2009 is awesome for you xx

Hot Bot said...

That kiting pic of you is SIIIIICK! And that last one is darling :)

Happy New year, I am sure good things will happen for you. I'm so sure!

LoveMore said...

some lovely resolutions there! good luck! i am sure you will be successful!
All the best for the new year. love the photos you have posted!!! where you live is so so beautful
LM xxxx

Denishabeybeh said...

happy new year dane!

happy 2009!

Rachel C. said...

happy, happy new year to you!

these are beautiful shots.


Juice said...

I love that last shot! ;)

DaisyChain said...

I'm really late saying this, but happy new year x

LoveMore said...

thanks for the comment..
I know i can hear DIY calling me!
but i don't know how to??? Maybe i should go into a material store and hassle the women there for half a day to help me!
i want to make it my own 'balmain' haha xxx LM

Anonymous said...

What a list of resolutions!

happy new year x

Mode Junkie said...

dane, the red blazer is from topshop. that's what i thought too when i ordered it, it def. belongs to our closets!
well happy new year dear! i truly wish you happiness. and that these resolutions be true. i might come home in august, i hope you're still there. we'll party babe.

Maya said...

The picture underwater is so adorable!

karl's sweet child said...

the last picture is way too cute!!!!

Stompface said...

oh I love these pics!!
how rad.

happy new year.

hope you succeed in all your new years resolutions!! i know i never do :(


Ryanne said...

hey babe, i really like your blog! its easy to relate and is soooo human. =)

i hope your first month's turning out ok. don't park the pen... and when you do, i hope the parties dont end...

*hugs hugs hugs...

Rye ^_^