Monday, January 12, 2009

Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound..

leggings - terranova, tee - playground sportswear, sneaks - converse all stars

This is me, leaving my sewing class today. Traffic was awful, but I'm somehow surviving it all. Ive been sketching like a madwoman, and (crap!) just remembered I still have 3 patterns to make for tomorrow's class. If you haven't guessed by now, I am taking up something fashion related.

Ive been shopping quite a bit.. the post holiday sales have been crazy. Today I also passed by this store to buy rulers that I need for my
pattern making class, and bought some materials for a band vest DIY. Sadly, they had no pyramid studs, but they did have some star shaped ones. I think I might go back for those.. once I figure out what in my closet I can destroy and attack with studs.

I also had a strange dream about a boy and.. snow. Anyone know how to decipher dreams? This one has kinda been on my mind all day..

listening to Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon


LoveMore said...

oh i wish i knew what my dreams all meant too! some weird things going on up in my head for sure, haha
and sewing class! i wish i could year resoltion noted.
xxx LM

rachel said...

Where are you taking your pattern making class? I have a friend (3 actually) who's taking one too at FIP. :) I hear it's fun! I'm also taking up a sewing class in FIT, altho something more basic than your class probably. but Im also looking into taking pattern making next! [I dont even ask how you like it cos from the sound of things, you look like you're enjoying your assignments!]

♥ R

Bambola said...

Use google!! It comes up with some good answers =) If not, I'm sure I can give it a go.

Hot Bot said...

You go girl, persue those dreams...while figuring out the other dream :P

I wish I could decipher dreams, cuz I've had some crazy ridiculous ones.

Eelie said...

Oops :( Now it all makes sense. You take sewing classes! AND pattern-making ones too! And undertaking this fashion-related course you allude to. Fun fun and really exciting!