Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Take my hand and follow me to Wonderland

dress - nothing but water, jacket - MNG, headband & bow - self made

Hello! I was touched by everyone's well wishes and concern about my leaving my windy little island, but after being in the city for half a week, I can assure you that the move was not a bad one. I am back in school for two months, which was a scary thought at first, but now that I am actually enrolled and have attended two of my 4 classes, I have to say I am ecstatic about my choice of school and having heaps of fun with it. The people are beyond amazing, and possess so much talent and wit, and are truly inspirational in their own ways.

These photos were taken on NYE, so I hope I did not break a cardinal blog rule by posting them this late.. my Internet is kinda shitty these days, and I don't really have much time to blog, though I certainly will try harder to. We went out for dinner around 8pm, started dancing there, hit Hey Jude Bar for the fireworks, then partied there till sunrise, after which we headed over to the other beach to our kite school, where we pulled the amplifiers out, prepared a cooler full of beer and kept dancing on the tables. Somehow I ended up with arms full of writing and a giant pink Afro on my head. Also, my travelling bow went from being on my head at 8pm, to being on my dress at 9am the next day. All in all, quite the successful little journey, and before the noontime heat could hit us, we walked the walk of shame back to our beach, to get some zzZZs, and to start our first day in 09 with an epic hangover.
To infinity... and beyond!
PS: My camera is dead (r.i.p.) but Im checking out a new one in a sony shop window. It shall be mine by friday. =)


rachel said...

hey dane! sounds like a fabulous new year's eve celebration, seems you made it back to the island just in time! oh wow, you're back in Manila?? I have been so out of touch with the internet too, was so busy being everywhere while I was home for the holidays :) so where are you studying? :)

I'm actually registered at FIT, they didn't have the classes I wanted in Parsons. but I just took short courses, not staying here for long. :) Ironically, I miss working! yeah I am so SO sick of planes (i HATE flying), and however amazing New York is, there's no place like home. something I realized just recently :) so I think I'm foregoing trying for a career here and am hopping on that plane after my classes!

hope all is well with you and wish you all the best with your classes (tell me more about it)!

♥ R

p.s. pls pardon my super long reply. haha ;p and I love that multi-purpose bow!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Hey Dane!!!

I'm so glad to hear you are having so much fun in the city! I love your maxi dress btw... that picture of you and the BF is just ADORABLE!!! I also love the Polaroids... I downloaded this software called Poladroid which converts jpegs to Polaroid-looking pictures... and am having so much fun with it!

Hot Bot said...

What are you in school for? Looks like we're both taking on new things. Exciting! But I'm so nervous, honestly.

Great dress!

Bambola said...

Glad to hear you had a good time!! The picture of the hands in the air is a great one!

Denishabeybeh said...

good luck on to infinity...and beyond. i like that buzz thing. hihi.

you take care and have fun in every situation

DaisyChain said...

wow, what a stunning dress and your eye makeup in the first picture is truly beautiful.

Rachel C. said...

your bow headband is so cute! you did such a nice job with it.


LoveMore said...

hey! you looked so cute at NYE! hope you had an epic night xxx LM

steph said...

hey girl, checked out your blog through your fb link, and i friggin dig your style! you've got that look where you can get away with anything! lucky!

anyways, i'll prob continue "stalking" you like this so keep on blogging. haha! good luck with school! your going to do great!

~steph lapez