Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's only Rock & Roll but I like it..

shorts & boots - vintage, tee - RVCA, tank - old navy, bag - gift
  • I know I look horribly bored, but as I found out later on, I was just developing a fever. Being sick sucks.
  • The theme was "homeless chic". I'm still trying to prove homeless people carry polka dot bags and wear cowboy boots.
  • I have to do a mood board for my design finals. I am still trying to decide on an inspiration.. right now what inspires me are the Rolling Stones. Shall I just do like a groupie/almost famous collection? Almost Famous is a totally amazing label name, now that I think about it.
  • This weekend I am attending a 20's - 40's themed party. I am totally dying trying to figure out what I'm gonna wear...
  • I went to the premiere of Vicky Christina Barcelona last week and thought it was incredibly sexy. I still have a major movie hangover from it. Then last night, it was "He's just not that into you". It was a good movie.. but Scarlett was kinda annoying in it. It did teach me a little about men.. and how most of them are dogs - but totally trainable dogs, lol. Benjamin button was a great story, Brad Pitt was dashing, and Cate Blanchett absolutely breathtaking. But I found the ending rather sad..
  • Right now I am watching the classic "Love Story".
Hope you are all well xxx

listening to Its only Rock & Roll - The Rolling Stones


Mode Junkie said...

i love 20's themed parties. i always go with my fringe dress, feather boa and a headgear with more feathers! haha. hope that helps. :)
love benjamin button too. it was a sad ending. but nevertheless, good.
good luck proving your outfit. doesn't look homeless to me. :) you should have carried a supermarket plastic bag. might have worked. ok too long comment again. can't help it. sorry.

Hot Bot said...

I loved Benjamin Button, I was such a cry baby in that one. But then again...I cried in Bambi and the Lion King, so I'm just sensitive.

Dammit, I want that RVCA tee! I will search for it when I'm off work.

ess elsie. said...

hope you're feeling better luv! being sick does suck.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i loved benjamin button...cried thru most of the 2nd half. haha

i hope you feel better soon!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...


I love your top!! and those shorts are so grungy cute!!!

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proudly says, said...

i'm adding you to my list.
see you around.

ninja said... your outfit your blog
3.are you from germany actually?
gosh your beach/summer pictures make me so sad.i hate winter.