Thursday, April 2, 2009

Death doesn't bargain. - August Strindberg

After an extraordinarily shitty 2 days, I have decided to seek refuge in my blog. Yesterday we found out that there was a tragic death in the family.. it is still an unsolved case. But as far as I am concerned, there are some incredibly inhumane and cruel people out there.

After examining the Topshop Unique F/W collection of this year, I have decided that I bought the right boots on my last thrifting expedition, and cant wait to try them with colored laces. I only got to wear one of the pairs before leaving them in the city, so the constant daydreaming must have something to do with my withdrawals.

Tomorrow I am going to attempt my first DIY tutorial. I thoroughly enjoy scanning the web for DIYs and have decided to give back. I have not seen many dip-dye, or "Ombre" tutorials, so I am going to attempt something similar to this.


EDIT: Speaking of Boots.. feast your eyes on these yummy ones.

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Mode Junkie said...

can't wait for the diy!
and i am so sorry to hear about that. i hope it gets solved and the suspect/s get punished or something.

my hometown is DAVAO. :) can't wait.

Eeli said...

Dane, I am really sorry to hear of this. The description is vague but it feels very heart-wrenching. I wish i could do something to appease the pain. At this point I just hope justice is served :)

As for the tutorial I will be looking forward to it. Keep yourself close to loved one okay? Seek comfort in them :)

My heart is with you


Bella said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your loss, and wish and yours my deepest condolences.

Post: It's fair to say that I'm in love with the white boots... they are amazing! And actually wouldn't mind having Linday's vest while I'm at it. lol-xxx

Sending warmest wishes...

TINE said...

Sorry about the news =(

Allie said...

Sending you positive energy and love.


Maverick said...

I"m really sorry for what you and your family are going through. x.

Love the boots on this girl...can't wait for the DIY :)

xx. mavi

gybe ♥ said...

i'm so sorry about that ..

;) waiting for your DIY

Wanderlusting said...

Those boots are awesome on L-Lo.

Very sorry about your current circumstances - it's horrible when those inhumane and cruel people actually reach into the lives of people we know and care about :(

May Kasahara said...

I'm so sorry for your family's loss.

many hugs and much love.