Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Seeing Spots

I couldn't stop laughing when my boyfriend protested about this combo being "too busy". Admittedly I never dress in all pattern.. but maybe I should do this more often, Its kinda fun, I idolize Susie from Style Bubble for it.

Last night Mr Insomnia Man came to town and the skirt is the result of it. The top is just shirred (love shirring) and it was inspired by those AA skirts with the pockets.. I made my first pockets too and have decided that I need to make more things with pockets.. so so fun.

I am planning a trip to the mainland to hunt down some jersey.. Jersey dresses are just so flattering no? I especially fell in love with what Penelope Cruz wore to Salma Hayek's wedding.

...... Javier Bardem () If you have not seen Vicky Christina Barcelona, you must go out and see it asap!

L♥ve, Dane

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KATLIN said...

Love the mix of prints! Never been a huge fan of Penelope's style, but DAMN that dress is sexy, but in that awesome subtle way!

Denise said...

vicky christina barcelona is the sexiest movie ever. hihi. i heart Javier, i fell in love with him on no country for old men. his haircut is so cute.

dane i love the skirt!

Shin said...

I love what Penelope is wearing! So sexy! You have a really cool blog by the way! xxoxoxo

Allie said...

You'd be hotter than ever if you dressed yourself in a recreation of Pene's dress :) Dayum!


Wanderlusting said...

It IS busy but it's also awesome! Looks so cute on you. Jersey is also awesome and that dress is so up my alley...goooooorgeous!

Eden said...

hahaha... dane, don't worry about it. you look fantastic.:) my man always tells me the worst insults when i wear something he doesn't approve of, but what do they know, right?!

much love


phamzy said...

mix prints are so much fun! i love colors!

Bella said...

I LOVE the mixed patterns... I'm trying to find pieces so I can pull something like this off. I thinks it looks amazing!!!

Hell yeah to a jersey dress, and 100% agree about Vicky Christina Barcelona... I just watched it last night. xxx