Thursday, April 23, 2009


This tee used to belong to the boyf.. until it landed on my lap and was then succumbed to ultimate destruction and then major reconstruction. It looks wicked without a bra and is so soft and comfortable, it makes me wanna shred just about everything I own.
We then proceeded to playing around with the new toys from Republ1c.. wicked new sunnies and obnoxious shiny gold skull candy headphones.. I like. Cant wait for this week's fashion show, but I already fear for the safety of my savings. I would pretty much wear everything in that little suitcase.. smells like shopping to me.
Then we hit Summerplace where I joined some weird contest where they were giving away free stuff. Slightly intoxicated, I stumbled up on stage when the host asked if there were any single ladies in the house. I quickly introduced myself as "Sarah" and claimed that I was 3 years younger.. so technically it wasn't really me up there, it was just someone who looked like me. So now I have tons of sunblock.. and an underwater camera. Yay.


PS: "Sarah" is also my Starbucks name.. here in the Philippines, Dane easily becomes "Jane" or even "May" and don't even get me started on using my full name Danielle.. Do you have a Starbucks name?


Ms Constantine said...

I hope this isn't too pervy, but I love your thighs.

That's all I wanted to say. :]

phamzy said...

that's a wicked symmetrical top! i've been trying to shred a top but it's been a month and i can't do it right. i guess you could post how to do it fast and right. thank you!

funny about the starbucks name. i came across to a lot of blogs and they complain how people in PI messed up names in cups. lol. i usually go by, "phamzy".

Mode Junkie said...

yes, i definitely have a starbucks name! ;) ANNE. hahaha. anjelica is pretty long and they always mispronounce it here in germany. i think you know. ang(like goat not as gel)elika. ewww.

Wanderlusting said...

One word: dope!

P said...

Darna is my starbucks name.

camy said...

I's Mee-na

"One Tall Frap for Mee~naaaa!"

Makes me smile everytime.

Denise said...

wow! pano ba mag shred? turo ka naman...pls. cos that one looks so cool.

ps, my starbucks name is Rica Yan. I know!!!! Denise becomes Dennis or janis. weiiiy. And i love the attention. haha! and congratulations on your win! you are really so fun! I love Sarah. Sana may Darnang bato ka na isusubo before ka mag transform to Sarah. hihi.

Enep said...

your glasses are soo cool!


Anonymous said...

:) hi.. ive been following your blog for the past 6 months.. and all i can say is..its fab!!fab! :) thanks for sharing your thoughts and of course your style! im a fan! well what made me comment here? because i have a starbucks name.. its pat.. because my name emily.. becomes.. emilyn.. emmaly.. aileen (wtf?).. so anyhoo.. even for pat.. became POT one time.. oh well..

Allie said...

LOL I love it. When I was single, and guys approached me in the club. I would automatically introduce myself as the person I was with.

Ooooh underwater camera, I wanna see the results of those pics.


your project turned out great, love your blog by the way, I added you to my faves :).

Eden said...

hi dane,

i'm so loving the shredded shirt! i've been looking for one to shred as well, but i cant seem to find the right shirt! what kind of shirt did you use?! and omg... those gold headphones. what a bomb! love it.:)

much love


Mads said...

Wow you live in Boracay!?! I'm jealous!!=P My name is Mads and it becomes "MATS" or "MYLES".. huh? haha..


michico said...

i always use my husband's name - Coco - mi official Starbuck's name, hehehehe