Saturday, May 30, 2009

DIM MAK Manila x Steve Aoki x The Cobrasnake

tube top worn as skirt, banana republic pocket tee, thrifted and DIYed bleached denim vest, KT LegLove patterened tights, vintage boots & renegadelovers studded bag

  • We stopped by PFW for the Shanon Pamaong show, which was amazing.. he has crazy patterning techniques I swear.. but after that one show, my ADD kicked in big time and I'm pretty sure I was staring at the lights for the rest of the shows. I'm just not good at sitting still unless its in front of a sewing machine.
  • Note to self: pancakes for dinner and then beers = not a good idea at all! The next day was hellish.
  • Exchanges of the night
Dane: Hey! (climbing up on the ledge to greet Steve Aoki)
Steve: Hey! You're in my twitter!
Dane: (jaw drops, mumbling)
Dane (to cobrasnake) : Did you just take a photo of me picking my nose?
Paula (reacting to the music & lights) : Theyre taking me.. oohh.. are you coming??
Dane (confused, tugging at boot) : Huh?? Wait.. wait for me!!!
  • Steve Aoki is unbelievable. If I had to use one word to describe him, it would be infectious, next to super nice. I think I was quite taken with him and swear I am a little bit in love with his aura.. well ok a lot in love then.
  • After lots and lots of beers, we still made it to some sports bar where we watched some football game, champions league if I'm not mistaken? All I remember is the green on the screen was giving my dizzy spells and I almost fell asleep on the pool table. But I totally give myself an A for effort. A+ even.
How many beers did you crazy kids have this weekend?

Thank you, come again!

your little renegade.. dane xxx


A said...

Hi! I want to link your blog to mine. Hope you can do the same?:) Im starting a lifestyle, fashion, and art blog.

Allie said...

You're my hero.

I've only had 2 beers so far.
I know, sad. I'm getting on it!

Couture Carrie said...

So fun, darling!
Thanks for sharing these pics! Love your clutch and tights so!


P.S. Just added you to my Fellow Fashionistas blogroll!

Fashion Moment said...

I already added you, long time ago, on both of my Lists!
Great shoots,


Jojo said...

Hey thanks for commenting on my blog. I agree with you if I could live in this one skirt I'd be a pretty happy girl!

Love your style. Just wanted to ask how you diy bleached that jacket, I have one I want to do but just don't know how??


Krystal said...

haha!!! that is amazing, too much fun!! xx

Hippie Frou Frou said...

whoa-too cool, looks like a fantastic evening!!!

great blog Lady Lady!

jess s//

♥ fashion chalet said...

OMG, it's MARKKKK HUNTER! :) niiiice.

i love the tie-dye vest, hon. You always look so great. I miss talking with ya, thanks for popping by and for leaving me the super-sweet comment.


Kristin said...

Loving that vest! No beers unfortunately due to a wicked cold.

Yuka said...

theyre cool people. super nice. im glad you had a fun time!

Emz said...

Love your outfit! Cute red bag =)

cherie said...

i love your tights! it looks like a lot of fun!

Denise said...

DANE!!!!!! i envy you! i love your cool night life! I've never been to a bar or any clubs. Christen me sometime!

i love the tights, cos i have that one too! and of course the boots!

Eden said...

you rock my socks, babe. too jealous. steve aoki and cobrasnake.. god. plus, you look absolutely rockin in that bleached vest.

much love


Rain said...

Dane, I love your fun night out pics! And your style is so original! I love your style! You go girl!


Nicole said...

Ooh, I just came across your blog and I must say it's pretty awesome! I love your outfit a lot and Manila is great. I'm half Filipino myself, hehe :)