Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Gone Gaga

orange bershka tank, black mango top, DIY body chain, RenegadeLovers GAGA Clutch

My first ever bag design was a black satin clutch with a gold sequin star on the front, next I wanted to do one with a silver lightning bolt. The first clutch didn't work out simply because it was too small to sew properly on an industrial machine, but I couldn't get over the lightning bolt version. Finally after months, this bag came to life, and it turned out even more spectacular than in the original design, thanks to my constant mind-changing, hahha.

It is the first RenegadeLovers item to officially be for sale. I am adding this to my Etsy in the next couple of days, so you sexy bloggers have a bit of a head start.

GAGA CLUTCH - $40 + shipping
The measurements are about 12" x 7" x 2.5" on the bottom gusset.
Black with white lightning bolt, white inside flap lining and three rows of silver studs on the bottom gusset.
Made of Leatherette, fully lined with silver magnet enclosures.

Now the international shipping I plan to use is Premium Registered Mail, which takes about 7-14 business days to arrive. There are faster means available, so please just let me know if you would rather opt for a faster but pricier service. Shipping is tricky from this island, so if you guys have any suggestions and tips, they will be greatly appreciated!

email me at danielle.margaret@hotmail.com
Item will ship as soon as payment is made.
Payments can be made via PayPal if Intl., GCash if local purchase.

Inside, I am secretly crying because I want to keep it, but every piece is one of a kind, and so if I continue to keep everything, well then I will never get rid of anything, no?

I can also make the clutch in your choice of colors for an additional $5. Available right now are green, red, white, black, grey and brown. I have hardware in gold & silver.
Also, some people were asking about the bandage skirt; I have just enough black jersey left for one, but I do have a navy and a violet jersey. You are welcome to request a skirt and I will make it according to your measurements.

Phew! Now that were done talking business, did everybody have a smashing weekend? Cause I spent mine terrorizing my boyfriend, making a mess, trying to drink beer and failing miserably, making random body chains, eating too much bacon, sewing until my eyes hurt and not sleeping until sunrise.

What were you up to?

daney dane

PS: Random trivia of the day: "gaga" is also a Filipino word. It means something along the lines of stupid, foolish or even crazy. Fitting, yes?


amanda said...

that looks AMAZING & oh god i can't decide if i want a black or navy bandage skirt? how much, roughly? :) also is that in us dollars?

oh we have gaga too in aus! haha

ps you look gorgeous!

DaisyChain said...

You are so freaking talented! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Nice clutch!

Dane, could you please tell me where you got whatever you use to put studs on everything? I honestly don't know what it's called. Thanks a bunch

TINE said...

AHHH! You're definitely talented! It's lovely!

Karencilla said...

Gaga who?
You look awesome and the clutch is divine!

Ms Constantine said...

Amazing and actually a lot cheaper than I thought you'd be selling these for! I'm actually really holding out for one of your quilted bags, with loops for a strap. :]

You are so freakin talented!!

Allie said...

Loving your hair, and LIPS!

Oh, and the clutch too ;)

Camy said...

it looks wonderful madam.

i may want to have something customized...how is it that we do the creative process? Should sending a sketch with my design be ok?



Dane said...

Amanda - The bandage skirt is $45, thats USD =)

Anon - Im not sure what you mean by what I use to put on studs, I dont use a stud gun, I had stud everything, the studs I used are actually bagfeet.

Ms Constantine - What color did you want it in? Why dont you send me a sketch and I'll see what I can make for you.

Camy - Please email me a sketch of the bag you are requesting, I am open to customizations if I have the materials available. =)

David Petersen said...

absolutely gorgeous indeed! does it have any other color?

Dane said...

David - It is my first piece of this design, but if you want it in a specific color just let me know. Colors available are

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous, darling! Love the nails, the fringe, the clutch, everything!


Wanderlusting said...

Wow Dane hate to say it but you could get away with charging more - your bag is amazing!!!

Bella said...

You look so hot! Ohmygod, I'm dying over here in suburbia. Your hair!

And seriously the GAGA clutch is so amazing babe!!!

cherie said...

hi you look great! i love your bangs :D

ninja said...

OMG SOOO HOT!! you and the clutch!! cant wait for more stuff from you.love it already

Fashion Moment said...

Colour of your lipstic is fabulous! Great hair!


issa said...

omg you look AMAZING.. i love the hair.

coco said...

That clutch is so cool, and I love your hair!

HoneyBunny said...

Wow what a stunning clutch! Love it!
And you look great as well:)

Fashion Moment said...

Me again. I tagged you.


Overdressed Me said...

hi agen! im juz droppin' comments on ur blog since it definitely deserves one, or two in my case.

love ur look here, so fierce! u definitely have the right attitude to carry it off. i mean the hair, the eyes, d makeup, everything's juz peachy purfect!

and the bag, totally TDF!

if u don't mind, im adding u to my blogroll. hope to see more of ur delish posts.