Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Que sera, sera..

As a little girl, I wanted to be many things. I wanted to become a flight attendant, a singer, a writer.. but what I never planned on trying to figure out was how to be happy.

Ive always been a bit of rebel, moving out when I was 14 from country to country, emancipated and alone. Funny how when I was 14, I thought I was more mature than do now. At 25, I feel like a child. I sometimes wonder, how important is it to follow dreams? Is that the only way we will end up happy, if we go after what we have always dreamt of, or is happiness something we can achieve even if we choose to sway from our so-called dreams?

Sometimes I find myself dwelling on life and asking myself that question over and over again. Following your dreams = Happiness?

I sometimes wonder.

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KATLIN said...

I think following your dreams does have to do with your happiness... those dreams just don't have to be about who you are, but about how you feel. Don't force it, just live passionately!

Denise said...

14 huh? you're a very brave girl! when i was 14 i was still on a diaper.

am big on my dreams too. I find myself day dreaming most of the time. But none of it happened. I mean money wise and everything. but i can't find the answer to the question why am i so happy today. I am so happy with the life am having now. I feel so poor most of the time but i don't care.

anyway am following you on twitter. Have a great day!

Ms Constantine said...

I think you definitely have to follow your bliss to be truly happy!

Wow, you got emancipated at 14. I was definitely still a kid then. I started feeling more like an adult at 16. But like you, I felt like I knew more back then.

It's true what they say. The more I know the more I realise I don't know.

donna said...

At 26, I can say there are days where I feel like I'm back to being 19 again, but there are also instances where I forget that I'm only 26 and bump myself up to 30.

The older you get the more you analyze time and lose sense of the bigger picture, the grand scheme of things.

At least in your 20's (it seems).

Dreams + 20's - Uncertainty + Confidence/Carefree = Happinness

Really glad I didn't go into Math hah.

May Kasahara said...

you are so brave and AWESOME

Ediot said...

fell in love with everything in the second photo.. the skirt-&BRA. ah- want it

Bella said...

You’re so amazing, and I admire you even more.

… and I’d like to think that somewhere in this big place we all live in, happiness is whatever we make it. It's life and experience. I guess, sometimes, the only way to find it (and make it anything) is through our dreams, our aspirations of being and becoming something greater than we already are.


Francie. said...

moving out at 14? We're not even allowwwwed to do that in Oz. ps. that glitter face? woah. imagine if life was likethat.