Thursday, July 30, 2009


Reasons why I her.
  • Her song Paris Is Burning has been used for Chanel and Topshop runway shows in 2008.
  • She refuses to wear women's clothing and instead dresses in boys and men's clothes.
  • I want her perfect hair.
  • Has the most amazing collection of vintage tees
  • Wears lots of plaid.
  • Loooooove her music.
  • I have always had a thing for androgynous female musicians.

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Elizabeth Victoria C said...

she is SO cool. i am always so inspired by her style, and i wish i could pull off her haircut the way she can!

Rachel C. said...

love, love, love her!

and she does have perfect hair.


Allie said...

Ugh, I love that top hat she's got. I wish I could pull that off. So j here.

oriwa said...

plus, shes one of new zealands finest exports!

(along with the lads from flight of the conchords)

stellar blog! Maegan said...

the blue couch shot and the overhead light are beautiful!

Kb said...

Wow I love her style, thanks for sharing it with me!

Anonymous said...

ladyhawke is divine! the girl has a killer voice and style. she is probably what i wanted to be when i was 12 but didn't know. ahaha i remember for a whole week i couldn't get my delirium out of my head.

HoneyBunny said...

Loove her too:)

nookie said...

love her!I have an obssesion with "my delirium"

Bella said...

I'd wear everything here... it's that amazing. The vintage!!
And I swear she brings it to a new level, making menswear grunge look so fucking cool.