Friday, July 17, 2009

Sing into the moonlight...

DIY jumpsuit, random black tee, red Mango hoodie
  • It is typhooning like crazy outside. That usually means that the rain falls sideways and it is so windy that you end up walking like a drunk on the beach.
  • I am officially trying to quit smoking (again). Last night I had one - cold turkey never works I am changing it up this time around. Any tips, ex-smokers?
  • If there was an award for it, I think I could win the "most awkward blog pose" award. I wouldn't have it any other way.
  • The boyf is out buying me some of my materials. Do you think he knows what a metal zipper is, or a hook and eye? Surely he would also know what navy thread looks like?
  • Drinking is no fun anymore, I must be getting old.
  • I was trying really hard to shoe shop online yesterday, even getting the boyfriend's permission to do so.. except I couldn't find anything I liked enough. I have always loved shoes, but since I moved to the beach, I haven't really invested in too much footwear because I don't have much use for them at the moment.. Maybe I have reached a shoe shopping plateau.
  • Today is a good day to stay indoors and indulge in my favorite rainy day treats. As a consolation prize for not drinking more than a measly Amaretto Sour last night, I went home with a tub of Coffee Crumble ice cream - which I fully intend to enjoy today, in my warm bed, with the AC buzzing on low and while watching either Requiem for a Dream, A Clockwork Orange or Lord of the Flies.
What do you do on cold stormy days?


OH! and PS: The jumpsuit is probably one of my favorite DIYs, I highly recommend it. It super wearable.. who doesnt wanna party in their gym shorts?


DaisyChain said...

Whenever I tell myself I'm quitting smoking, I end up smoking double, oops.

Eleh said...

i think the awkward poses are great :D anyway you look like kristin kreuk in the first picture!

¶ M said...

The DIY jumpsuit is superb. I think I would rather live where you are then wear shoes everyday and hurt me feet with blisters from these high heels.

It is also raining over here, tomorrow shall spend the day/night with a lovey and have a tea party then a movie marathon.

Hope you have a lovely weekend and hope the smoking abadonment really works. You can do it! *two thumbs up*

[LA] said...


Karencilla said...

I love your awkward poses, it makes your site and you unique.

Usually on rainy days i love to read, and bake something delicious.

I hope you really quit smoking!! the worst thing ever for the skin and health. I'm sending you positive vibes!!! hahaa

FHCN said...

Awesome photos! At first glance I thought you were hanging around a burning building, LOL.
You look fab. :)
Hmmm...cold rainy days...I enjoy curling up on the sofa with a good book (preferably mystery or a thriller) and a cup of tea.

thischicksgotstyle said...

Such cute pictures and I really love the outfit!!x!

Allie said...

Good luck giving up some of your vices! I really commend you for trying. :)

What Was I Thinking? said...

Imagine if there really was a "most akward blog pose" award haha!

The jumpsuit is cool, I was going to ask where you got it!

About quitting smoking... never ever congratulate yourself for not smoking for a few days with a cigarette, (I've done it! haha) it leads to no good.

Ela said...

Such a fabulous DIY!
Love to sleep in on rainy days...stormy days are few and far between here but the rain is so soothing, perfect for a lazy day on the couch watching a movie or reading a great book.

About the comment you left me, it's the ONE benefit of having a body devoid of curves, LOL.


Fashion Moment said...

Wonderful! So great outfit!

Have a fab weekend, darling!


Denise said...

i usually just sleep and eat alot od sopas and champorado. after this rainy season am gonna be a whale. hihihii.

dane i love that jumpsuit. And i miss boracay. You are so lucky!