Friday, August 7, 2009

La Vida Bohème

vintage tunic maxi dress, Mango rain jacket, havaianas flip flops

  • There are days when I have to stop and ask myself how it is that I got so lucky to be able to live in such a majestic place. As the rain passed and the dreary gray moved on, the full moon became so intensely bright, with a ring around it like an insanely beautiful force field and one single bright star.. It is one of those moments that you cannot capture on film, nor express in a painting, even if you tried.
  • Full moon partying without a drop of liquor? I am living proof that it is possible. And refreshing, still having the ability to walk in straight lines and not falling asleep over your after-hour snack.
  • This is fast becoming one of my favorite island dresses of all times. When I found it, it was falling apart at the seams, but I immediately fell in love with the color, the shape and the length was perfect for my height. I took it home and mended it and last night on its debut, I was stopped several times and asked where I got it. Smugly, I replied: "Vintage, for like, a dollar." And thanks to the insane wind, taking photos of it was extra fun.
  • I have been a little distracted lately with entertaining guests, and being overfed by my friend Christine and her amazing Bistro, so please forgive me If I have not visited your blog lately.. I have lots of catching up to do today!
  • How lame are all these wedding/marriage/proposal shows on TV?
  • Ecstatic about the release of Euna Lee and Laura Ling from their North Korean prison.. watching them reunite with their families brought on the waterworks this morning.
  • Vida Boheme is actually one of my favorite movie characters ever. Have you seen To Wong Foo? Vida is played by no other than Patrick Swayze.
What do you love about living in your island/town/city/country?

lots of , lovelies!


Bambola said...

That dress is absolutely amazing! You're so lucky to be able to find such things.

One day, I'll make a trip to where you live. It sounds fantastic!

Well done on not drinking too, that would have been quite a task.

Bambola x

coco said...

I love the hot pink. Great colour.

Adela said...

love the bright color!

May Kasahara said...

hey gorgeous!

try the nails - it's wasn't hard at all! here's the tutorial

i'm an island girl said...

what an absolutely beautiful dress dane! i wish i had seen you wear it :)

dee said...

love the second to last picture!

Couture Carrie said...

So gorgeous! Love your dress!


Cheryl said...

So loving the magenta color of the tunic dress, matches well with your nails. ;)

I'm living right now in Vitoria,Spain. So living the life especially the fiesta in here. Chistorra and chorizos with red wine and fireworks every night for 6 days? ;)

PS: Dane, I gave you an award. Please visit my blog:



anonymousambre said...

You're a great writer, & I love love love the pictures!

Vik said...

I am so jealous of where you live!! it looks amazing! while i am stuck here in cold rainy Ireland! :(
lovely dress by the way amazing colour :) xx

Anonymous said...

hey sweety
really like ur blog...just wanted to ask u hows the weather like in boracay in sept/oct?

kannst du eigentl. noch deutsch?:)


daisychain said...

that dress is so fantastic on you

yiqin; said...

Sucha nice tunic <3

Karencilla said...

stunning Dane!

i am into long dresses now.. they are so comfy.

HoneyBunny said...

Wow the photos and you in that dress are just breathtaking! Love it all<3

KATLIN said...

yeay for island life. i really need to appreciate living in hawaii more. sometimes i stop and tell myself i was born and raised in hawaii and how lucky i am! :)

Dane said...

Anon - Sept/Oct the weather is usually windy and sunny if there isnt a typhoon.

Ja ich kann noch Deutsch aber ich schreibe lieber auf English weil das einfach schneller geht und ich so ungeduldig bin. ;)

Damsels said...

let me just say props to you for the sober partying!
and love the outfit on the last post !

and on this .. that dress is your perfect color .

geisharock said...

This dress is MAGICAL on you :) I love the unexpected length and the vivid colour. I also love the sexy lace bodysuit you wore a few posts back, I'm still searching for a long sleeved lace one! No, I'm afraid I'm not in HK for good :( Just for the summer holiday before I go back to London in October for more studying. What brings you from one glorious island to another? I'd love to visit Boracay sometime...

So ein Zufall...Ich kann auch ein bisschen Deutsch, aber ich bin total aus der Uebung! Woher hast du das gelernt?

Zara x

Dane said...

Zara - Ich bin in Muenchen aufgewachsen, 4 Jahre bin ich dort zu schule gegangen. Meine 5 geschwister sind alle halb deutsch - und du? Wo hast du deutsch gelernt?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hot Pink is my favorite thing right now and this looks amazing on you, dear! :]


Anonymous said...

was heißt das denn genau.ich würd so ende sept fliegen...empfehlenswert?man könnte schon schwimmen gehen od?hmm...

find ich super:) dein lebensstil möcht ich haben^^


ps: srry 4 my stupid questions:(

Noelle Chantal said...

you are really lucky to live in boracay! i am pretty jealous of me. hehe, i love the sea sand and sky so much too. :)

by the way you look really pretty in this summer night dress. the color is great against your slightly tanned skin.

hope is everything is fine in the island! :)

Style & Beyond said...



Dane said...

Anon 1:02 - Sorry for the late reply! End of sept is fine, its off season but it doesnt rain all the time. You can always ask me for the weather forecast ;)