Friday, October 16, 2009

Follow the leader or make up all the rules

wearing lonely planet skirt, cotton on tank top, DIY body chain, assorted jewelry, gold knuckle ring from Amanda

  • The Tides 2nd year anniversary was tonight, but due to all the pre-partying last night [open bars are dangerous!] and the inevitable "soup for brains" situation all day as a result, I decided to cut alcoholic beverages out of my night and therefore proceeded to documenting all things snap-worthy. Like the menu card, and Paula's heartbreakingly beautiful ring bracelet from Singapore. I am still in the process of begging her for one of the 4 she owns, but just in case, anyone from SG wanna send me one? I can just imagine Little India being full of them.
  • Immediately after arrival at said party, I was ambushed by bright lights, a camera and a microphone, and interviewed for Channel V. I am continuously weirded out by myself, for being so scared of cameras, especially since I have a bit of a TV background. How I ever manage to string a complete sentence together when confronted with one, I still have no idea, but I usually manage to leave relatively unscathed. Thank god.. the only thing that comes close to the fear of video cameras, is my ultimate fear of seeing myself on TV. That is easily reason enough for me to turn beet red and fumble with the remote until the image is off the screen, leaving me a bit of a confuzzled mess in its wake. LOL
  • [I will be as shocked as you if I end up doing a Vlog someday... Que horror!]
  • After so many years, I still find it hilarious how when my Manfriend takes my picture without bending down, I end up looking teeny tiny in the photo, with the shortest legs ever known to mankind or something. But its also quite interesting, being reminded of what the view must be like from up so high.. it is also from so high up that he made a botched attempt at helping me re-apply some lip balm. More of it ended up on my teeth than on my lips, but he gets an A for effort.
  • After a bit of nail-biting and lots of eye-rolling and more controlled picture taking movements, I am proud to announce that I survived another Friday night.. SOBER. Yay, me.
But just to be prepared [for like, tomorrow]..

What is the best hangover food ever?


[PS: Paula's hand]


Raez said...

haha! thanks for the lovely comments dane:) that made my dane♥

xx raez

Denise said...

dane your skirt matches the blue cocktail glass on The Tides book. hihihi. cute.

btw i love your friend's bracelet. wow!

cupcake♥trash said...

super cute ring.

Stompface said...

great body chain and such a pretty summery skirt.
oh your life looks like so much fun!


E said...

you have really great blog! you're pretty:)

Nerdic.. said...

And again I like your bodychain!
X, fashion-nerdic.

toxic disco boy said...

omg i love your body chain!!! i wanna make one too. ^^

Uniqua said...

Thank you so so much for telling me about Boracay Island. I googled pictures on it and my heart stopped ! It soo beautiful ! It's definitely on my places-to-go-list !

I love your blog !! I am definitely now a dedicated follower :) Do you live in Boracay yourself ? If you do I'm so so jealous!!!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous look and post, darling!
Love your skirt!


Uniqua said...

I made a post about you :))) Check it out !

Bella said...

Hahaha, this post is soooo fun... it sounds like you had a pretty amazing time. And I'm anxiously awaiting that vlog video! hint- hint!

You look stunning as ever. Completely loving your long skirt (gorgeous color!) and Paula's wicked bracelet!
Happy weekend babe. xxx

Nini ♥ said...

Thank you :)

I really like the bodychain :)
Looks like a great party over there ;)

Narki said...

Hi, Dane!

Best hangover food ever? For me, Sinigang is one of my best hangover food! :)

shoebabe said...

hi :) i so love your blog : ) about that bracelet,i have one which i bought from kuwait,from the indian section in the old market there :).im going back there in may,so if u want one,i'll buy one for you. no,you dont have to pay for it,in case u r for you,because you make pretty things :)