Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My fists are turning coal to diamonds

[Photo Source - lindseythornburg.com] click to enlarge

How rad is Lindsey Thornburg's lookbook? It turned me into a heap of a hyperventilating mess, seriously. They're straight from that mystic Indian world I have been dreaming of, the styling is insanely perfect and now I'm beginning to think that I wont survive another day without this.

Shame, $900 is a tad steep for someone who lives on a tropical island.. Although it looks like the soft and warm refuge I have been looking for to help me get through the cold windy days on the beach..

Ahhhh, I die.


Eden said...

uber looooooove.:)

wie geht is Ihnen gorgeous? psssssst. i'm booking for Bora this decemb. so i trust that you'll show me around like the incredible islander that you are:)


Allie said...

So need that technicolor cape. Badly.