Wednesday, December 16, 2009


BW WEDGE by SoulPhenomenon

both by Shoecrazeee

So far, the first three are my favorite.. I'm really into the Gareth Pugh knockoffs, because I still remember how I harassed Nicole into having them made.. they look great! And I figured I couldnt go wrong with black shoes, especially considering my every growing fondness for all things grunge. Buts a semi flat footed island baby, my feet never end up being too happy about being squished into a pair of shoes.. and yet for these three, I might have to make an exception. After all, I'm going to need something to wear for my impending month long stay in the city.

For those who are looking for something more "out there", may I suggest these beyond awesome leopard thigh highs? At P2,450 and with the red soles, they are practically a steal - and also by Shoecrazeee.

Now if only it weren't so hot and humid in this country!


Walk The Sand said...

Those first wedges by Soul Phenomenon are AWESOME. Great find.

MrJeffery said...

love those wedges!

betz said...

love the second shoes. so sexy.

Denise said...

my friend bought the gareth pugh-ish jan sa Soulphenomenon. It's so high. but it's really so cute.

some of shoecrazeee's shoes meron din sa PRP,mas mura pa.

happy christmas dane!

I am Denise Katipunera

Helen said...

definately a fan of those wedges!!

helen x

btw i have a giveaway on my blog! check it out!

daisychain said...

Oh man I'm in LOVE

Nahna said...

OMG I want those black&white wedges <3 <3 <3

minteva said...

LOVEEEE the louboutin boot knockoffs, amazing :) any chance of a direct link? the site is super-confusing to me! <3

cameraholic said...

I fell inlove with the Gareth Pugh like wedges too. I ordered them but I backed out, I never realized I may not have the guts to wear them at some point. Gosh!! but i love looking at them to death!! I love reading your blog =) interesting style denise!


cameraholic said...

Oh gosh I am so sorry. I actually though it was Denise, but when I read the article feature again it was Danielle. Really sorry about that <3