Saturday, May 15, 2010

Se você quiser eu largo tudo vou pr'o mundo com você meu bem..

Pop Eyewear round tortoise sunnies from Republ1c

If you happened to be reading yesterday's YStyle section in the Philippines Star, you might have stumbled upon little old me at the Boracay Bound party held at the Tides.. My friend Emily laughed her butt off and what I thought was a pretty accurate description of my way of dressing. If you know me in real life, you would too.. I wear my sarcasm like a badge of honor ;)

In other news, I am in love with my new pair of sunnies. They are round and tortoise and the best thing is.. they were a steal. Must immediately start fantasizing about city outfits.. and deliberate a possible stop in Manila.. To be honest with you, the thought of traffic alone makes me wanna hurl. But then again my credit card swiping hand is itching to be utilized......

Currently obsessed with:

green tea coated sunflower seeds
singkamas + mangosteens
waking up early
DIY turban headbands
zipper dresses
Swiss chocolate
Vanessa da Mata

...............PS: I miss you, lover


daisychain said...

you rock my socks off Dane x

ediot said...

hi darling. im so glad you got that feature! you look so cute and i adore the dress. checked out your webshop too! loved it. hope youre having a wonderful weekend

xx ediot

Angel said...

love it! theres a red one of this dress in your online shop too yeah? dont phil star now here in sg, so when u tweeted tried to search phil star online and got this, thought i may share it to u too for ur gloabal readers, tweeted it to u but my tweets are lock on privey so i reckon u might not have read it, so here... xx

Dane said...

Angel, thanks for the link!

Mode Junkie said...

congrats on your feature babe! and those sunnies are uber cool. have fun in the city!


Kookie B. said...

oooh, i want some tortoise sunnies too! where did you get 'em. congrats on the PS feature, girl!

cherie said...

congrats on your feature dane :)