Thursday, May 20, 2010

We might be in for a late night stuck in a lava flow of break lights

vintage shirt, vintage Calvin Klein cut offs, RenegadeLovers Malong bag

Ive been spending way too much time in front of the TV or dwelling on the fact that my laptop has gone to shits and I therefore have to put up with a ginormous flat screen monitor that I have to plug into it in order to keep up with my daily Internet adventures. Not to mention my increasingly persistent migraine - which I honestly just have the over sized screen to thank for, if you ask me. I have used an HP Pavilion for 4 years now and my good old machine is just begging to be replaced. I'm debating getting an HP mini like my Martian has, but the teeny tiny screen pisses me off.. its like a little toy computer, but undeniably handy. Vivienne Tam made a real pretty one with butterflies on it, I wonder if I'm girly enough to possess something of its caliber.

Besides over thinking things, I have been busy delaying my workouts (I cant run because *ahem* the tide is too high..), consuming delicious Swiss chocolate, flooding the blog, drowning in soy milk, filling up my inspiration folder, downloading semi depressing movies like Blue Velvet and Wild At Heart, snacking on sour grapes, contemplating new patterns, Ebaying (!) and listening to lots and lots of sentimental music. The high point of my day is when my boy texts me all the way from the desert.. that pretty much makes me smile like an idiot for a while.

The major downside of missing my man is that I haven't been sleeping well again.. its past 4am and Ive become painfully aware of how cold its been getting in my bed, which means I have to sleep in a hoodie because no matter how low I turn the AC it never seems to be warm enough in here..


Karencilla said...

Migraine.. join the party. that shit makes me almost cry if i don't take a pill before it gets worse.
My sis has an HP mini, i got to say that as you, the tiny screen pisses me off and i feel like one of those giant clowns that comes out from a tiny toy sized car. But as you say.. it is really really handy, i don't think i'll switch my 22" monitor for that tiny one though.

ediot said...

lovely outfit. i adore that plaid shirt sooo much..
and the photos are great.

xx ediot

Bub said...

hey hun! these are really gorgeous photos of u and i really love how you did your bag! KEEP SMILING DEAR!!! I can definitely say i know how it feels to be away from your man..just be in good company and for you i guess? drink!

Toni said...

my toshiba satellite conked out on me and now i have to use my sister's Dell mini which btw triggered annoying back and neck pains :s its just too small!
but i agree, the Vivienne Tam HP edition is just adorbs :)
the Vaio W series is also very chic, Dane :)

i love your top and bag!


Angel said...

never buy the vaio (they cost much yet they break in a year! i heard their motherboards burn out in a year and a half)... they only thing my friends say that u could rely on is dell or mac :)

dani, let us know if ur in cebu, just got in cebu... will raid it with eden! cheers

its still a giggle having the missing moment with your man... :) at least with ur bed, it waits for ur prince charming, with mine... it was a defo goodbye... i cant complain much, im still a lucky lass i guess though single...

Pixie Dust said...

Love your blog :))
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coco said...

It's nice to see plaid that is the same old same old red and navy blue for a change.

daisychain said...

so besotted with the first photo

Kookie B. said...

i love ze bubblegum colors on that plaid. nicely paired with the hi-waist denim cut offs!

Eleh said...

you look really stunning here. and oh those cut offs, i need to start wearign them!

linutana said...

love your style and your blog is just amazing :))):*

Sheray-Amy said...

Cute outfit, love the colours.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.
♥ Sheray.

Gizelle | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

go for dell..they have lots of options at their site. i wanted an inspiron..but could not find a need for it now.

it's funny you're making the tide being too high as an excuse not to jog...LOL. honestly, i don't like jogging...i'd much rather swim but then i'm too lazy to change into a suit at the gym...hehehehe. so i end up bumming in front of the tv...haha!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Raez said...

freaking gorgeous!!! love the hair, the nails, and your shirt! perfection.

xx raez

Sarah said...

Beautiful pictures ! Love it. Your blog is cool. Congratulations.

ninja said...

pretty babe!
oh I knooow what you mean. I always sleep so well when my boy is next to me :/


Amazing outfit. you're awesome.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, loving yours! xx