Monday, June 28, 2010

The easiest way to sell your soul is to carry on believing that we don't exist

Mango skinnies, DIY studded belt, Zara tee, random bracelet + rings, Forever 21 knuckle ring (thanks Miko♥)

I want to live, eat, breathe, play, sleep, kite in these jeans.. They've been worn in to perfection. Now its time to break in my brand new Lee's.

Maybe its my recent movie play list (Natural Born Killers/Control/Gilda/Casablanca/Lolita) or I'm just a complete weirdo but I am quickly re-developing an obsession for all things grainy and black and white. There is something very grunge sexy and romantic about an imperfect photograph.. Would it be unreasonable to ask for a vintage SLR and a darkroom for Christmas?

I am scanning all of your blogs but my temporary dial-up is making commenting extraordinarily difficult.. I feel like Ive been exiled back into the dark ages ♥ Hibernation is doing me good, Ive almost regained my sanity, stocked up on mood elevators and rested my liver just in time for this Saturday's Germany-Argentina match. But I still think I'm going to pass out from hypertension during the game.. Maradona's got his mind set. Aber das schaffen wir schon, auf gehts Deutschland!


Bub said...

Lovely photos dane! How are you doing in Cebu?

cherie said...

i love the photos, it has such a dark and romantic feel to it :)

Dane said...

Francis, Cebu is one big house party <3