Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'm moving I'm coming can you hear, what I hear It's calling you my dear out of reach

[ Photos taken with my disposable camera ]

Yesterday, I: wore shoes, took the MRT, walked into a mall, had someone try to mop my feet at a 7/11, visited my fashion school, doodled, met up with my classmates, got my maxi dress caught in the escalator, ripped the hem, used a pair of scissors to cut my hem at a National Bookstore, had Cibo for lunch, gossipped and reminisced, finally bought a copy of the Olsen's "Influence", took the MRT, window shopped, stood in line for a cab for what seemed like and eternity..

Today, I: ate chocolates for breakfast, scouted the mall for the perfect Chanel nail polish, almost bought too much makeup I cant afford, made it out of a MAC store without going broke, met up with my cousins, ate BBQ'd ribs at a TGIF, bought both white cheddar and caramel popcorn (in separate bags) and a yoggi shake, watched SATC2, loved it, fell in love with all the outfits in the movie, wondered if all the characters were suddenly millionaires judging by their wardrobe, bought way too many take out pretzels, stood in line for a cab for 3 minutes approx. and headed home to pack.

Cebu, here I come!


ediot said...

sounds like two sweet days- and i like the photos. wish you a great weekend still
take care
p.s what song is that in the title?

xx ediot

Karencilla said...

oh window shop! hahaha
are you moving to Cebu?

Dane said...

Ediot - Its from Pure Shores by All Saints.

Karen - Im moving there for 3 months! x


Chocolate for breakfast is always a good idea!

inkarlcerating said...

love this post. what did u buy s mac? tell tell!! hehe

Wanderlusting said...

Pure Shores FTW - love that song and soundtrack!