Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And to think it was all just a dream, one fantastic hallucination

wearing RenegadeLovers maxi skirt, Mango top, thrifted & DIY acid wash vest, RenegadeLovers bag, Parisian wedges

I know you hard core fashion bloggers are not into flip flops.. but I cant live without them.. You can never have enough pairs, I say. I finally made it to a Make you own Havaianas event! There were so many colors available it made me dizzy.. I finally settled for a modest purple sole with a gold strap, since I'm going through a barney phase, and I chose a peace pin and a turtle pin. Its my nickname for the boy ;)

I was going to wear a floral dress but I figured since my black maxi skirt hasn't had any airtime yet, I would whip her out and parade her around a little. I made it before I left the island, and it is the most comfortable thing ever. It beats jeans in comfort and goes with everything in my opinion, although best with a slinky tank top and a sick bra. I'm seriously thinking about making these for the shop..

I'm still sick and on meds for another week.. But I'm seriously going loopy. I'm not used to this much rest. To console myself, I am tracking down a tattoo parlor in this town, and getting inked. Let your freak flag fly, I say ♥

[Thank you Kristine for the outfit shots! ]


jade♥ said...

very cute :)


Bub said...

Dane you are gorgeous!! Beautiful outfit!


you look divine! and you're such a beauty :)

Anonymous said...

Go to Crol's Tattoo Shop, Dane! And let me know when you're getting inked. Can I watch? :)

Pia Congmon

Karencilla said...

you just gave me a terrific idea for an all black maxi dress. love your outfit.
And i agree, i can't leave without flip flops, could the hot tropical weather have something to do with that? maybe but they are just so comfortable and pretty.

Allie said...

That is an event right up my alley. You can't go beach in anything else but flip flops!

And your outfit is a reminder for me to find the perfect maxi skirt!

Kookie B. said...

whoops! okay, the previous comment was for another blogger. this pop out windows is making me dizzy.

anyhoo, so now this comment is really for you.

i just noticed that you're looking extra pretty in the photos. lovin the maxi skirt (which i thought was a maxi dress at first). and nothin' wrong with liking flip flops. they're your best companion in the beach!

Lloyda said...

love what you're wearing! flip flops are the perfect companion in the beach so of course we gotta love them coz our country got loads of nice beaches! ;)

Lloyda said...

love what you're wearing! flip flops are the perfect companion in the beach so of course we gotta love them coz our country got loads of nice beaches! ;)

sweet said...

You are always gorgeous Dane...

how I wish I was still in Cebu so that I could have met you somehow....you are one of my blog inspirations love!!!

take care always

KD faustino said...

you look so pretty in these photos! ur hair looks better straight :) and oh, im a fashion blogger but i cant live without my slippers too! sometimes i tuck them in my bag when im wearing heels! haha

cherie said...

wow, i love your hair straight, its such a different look! i love havaianas too, i mean they last for 3 years on me :)

Aisa.Pax.Paking.Paxie said...

i can't believe I'm not yet following you!:) you've such an amazing blog. And you're friends with Eden?:) love that denim vest over the all black ensemble. And you're so pretty too!:)AND I do love flipflops!

P.S. My big blog giveaway is not yet over. Hope you could join!:)

Love, Paxie

Christine said...

I love flipflops too! Can't live without them!

Anyway, I really love what you're wearing, most especially the denim vest and the bag. :)


Gladstone Lawyers said...

look at those colors so so cute

Anonymous said...

love the rainbow flip flops!




NYC said...

that is beautiful.