Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I'm wicked and I'm lazy

 I don't know about you, but a year without a real Halloween for me is a total waste of a year! So instead of spending the long weekend on a quiet beach, diving, and possibly rebelliously being the only person sitting on the sand in a full costume - we hopped on a plane to the only place in this country where you can really call Halloween a celebration - Boracay. Nothing compares to the mess, the human traffic, the random costumes, the extensive body make-up, the drunkenness and the absolute flamboyance of the local residents. Among my personal favorites were Alex DeLarge of A Clockwork Orange, Bjork's infamous 2001 Academy Awards swan dress, Jimi Hendrix, knocked up and boozing cheerleader, Reno 911 police officers, sexy slutty male nun, albino cannibal, Chucky from Child's Play and of course the grim reaper slash boyfriend (which I hurriedly ran through the sewing machine together with my nun habit) - who scared the living daylight out of the children on the beach.. some of them to tears. What a success!

The dress I wore is one of the skankiest things I have in my portable closet. It leaves no room for mistakes such as bending over and maybe even lifting my arms up over my head. I have only ever worn it once, and that was to an S&M themed party.........

What were you for Halloween, slutty or scary?


Raleene said...

I have to book a flight to Boracay for Halloween next year!!! Looks so fun!

Eden said...

hahaa, well, sorreee babe, i totally went the other route and went beaching in my mom's hometown. haha. call me crazy. but halloween is like the only year where everyone dresses like crazy and like, i already do that every day. hahaha.

miss you, come back to cebu soon?


♥ joei said...

Spent Halloween out of town :)

Anyway, got to your site because I was checking this "blogger" who copies text from other blogs and replacing the photos with his photos! He copied your June 20, 2011 entry -->

Unless he's a friend of yours... Just thought you should know because I'd hate it if someone copied from my blog, too!

Definitely, Maybe

Kumiko Mae said...

halloween costume = s&m party :D