Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kenza Idrissi Couture

I'm blessed with many so obviously inspiring designer friends, allowing my fashion itch to be present at a constant.. I went to middle school with Kenza in Spain and was beyond delighted to find out that she also was under the same spell that possessed me to dive headfirst into the fashion industry. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of her shows in Rabat, where she showed mostly her Gandouras in an array of colors and finished off with a jacket that I personally think could be worn with so many different stylish outfits. Can't wait until her next show at the end of the month.. Moroccan fashion is stunning and so feminine - and has started to breathe some life back into my forlorn design spirit..


Ginger said...

Thinking of buying a Gandoura for a long time but still hesitating. And I find you post. Is that a sign ?? ;)

meg_ said...

helo there! this is an awesome blog. i was wandering around different blogs particularly about boracay. one blog led to another and somehow they led me here. :) im glad to have found ur blog, iv read ur old posts when u used to stay in boracay. i am a wanderlust by heart, but recently iv been struck by lightning (big c) and my profession also keeps my wanderlust heart on a leash. however, iv been given the opportunity to rest and im using it to satisfy my thirst for the world. Hence i browsed the net for possibilities. As of 2012, iv been to Bohol, Ormoc, Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Samal Is, Davao, HK .... and just a few minutes ago i booked a flight to boracay, one way. I dont know any1 there. I was hoping u would help me (altho i can see ur no longer in the island). Still, i believe ur a really nice person :) .... sorri for this unrelated comment to the post... but i didnt know how else to contact u.

from one wanderlust to another, safe sailing!



Nora De Casa said...

hello :)
super création , c est frais léger !! j aime bien tu habite à Rabat ? kisss

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Aurelia (A Pretty Life) said...

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