Thursday, December 20, 2012

Drink up baby, look at the stars, I'll kiss you again between the bars

 1. [ Yishion denim shorts and Yishion menswear cheetah tank ]
2. [ Yishion denim shorts and cut-out top ]

Last week, I, along with other local bloggers, was invited to the opening of YISHION, a Chinese clothing line. We were given a shopping budget, and assigned the task of styling our own looks and blogging about them. Instead of sticking to one outfit, as per usual, I colored outside the lines, and decided on two looks. When I first found the denim shorts, I wasn't quite sure the ruffles were something I would sport at my ripe old age, but after I tried them on and proceeded to remove the what I then realized were removable ruffles, I knew I had to have them. The tank top offered side-boob exposure, which made them a total no-brainer, and the loose cut-out top is something that begs to be worn on a daily basis. A big thank you and a woop to my friends at Yishion!

You can vote for this look by leaving a comment, if my wine-addled brain remembers correctly, but I'll keep you posted if I'm totally off..

So, this Christmas is officially a total life-ruiner. Only the promise of alcoholic beverages can pull me out of deep mourning, as three nights ago, my little baby cat was a little too curious for her own good and jumped out of my apartment window. I am in absolute agony over losing her, and have once and for all decided that I prefer animals to human beings. Which means, I am doing everything in my power to stay out of the malls, away from the hustle and the noise and in the comfort of my own four walls, but I am failing miserably.

So for now, it's all shopping until it starts to hurt less, dancing until dawn and spilling Champagne on everything in my vicinity, wearing too much red lipstick, trading meals for chocolate bars and occasionally having a nervous breakdown when a rare moment of sobriety kicks in. Life.


inkarlcerating said...

omg poignant , the photos

Carla said...

You really rock, Dane! :)

Carmen said...

Great style, you look gorgeous!

Little Rus said...

You look beautiful, but I am really sorry to hear about your little kitten. x

ms said...

you always have a kickass vibe! nice!

starfish said...

all the words, that i could describe you...unique, innovative, novel, inventive, creative, new, unusual, imaginative, unprecedented, singular, special!!!!

Allie said...

I'm so sorry about your kitten :(
Love you girl.

Anonymous said...

you're like a morena Andi Eigenman.