Tuesday, December 11, 2012

So come on honey cut yourself to pieces, come on honey give yourself completely

[ wearing YUMINUM Go Go Dolly bikini in fruity ]

 As a sign of protest, I will write the most un-christmas of all posts. The season of love and gift-giving has triggered only my yearly gag-reflex sensitivity, and my little personal hang-ups have been flaring up like there is no tomorrow. Which, given the "end-of-world" predictions, just leaves me shrugging and wallowing in whatevers.

Following a recent exceptionally harrowing fever, and an extended trip to the island I call home, days of self-imposed detox and lots and lots of sleep, I felt emotionally drained and surprisingly nostalgic and anti-social. I am like a lost baby bear constantly fighting off the un-ignorable desire to fall into a permanent winter slumber.. all this amplified by the news that my entire family will be spending the holidays in the snow, while I, yet again, will me missing in action. (cue ghastly violin music)

So I might not have snow this winter, but baby bear has new bikinis to play with, a kitten who has seemingly decided that she also wants to learn how to yoga and a hard drive full of new movies. Which on the other hand, might not be as great as it sounds.. Blake Lively's bad acting stopped me from completing "Savages" - and I normally go geeky over all things Oliver Stone. Oh, what am I talking about, the holidays suck big massive Christmas balls.

I'm gonna hit the ground running and go shopping. Retail therapy, be good to me..


cherry arceo said...

not at all confident this'll make you feel any better but you are not the only one experiencing the Christmas blues... if it's any consolation, you look AMAZING! :)

Angel said...

wooottt woootttt

roanjean said...

Youth knows no pain <3

life is style said...

lovely :) great pics :)
check out my latest post :)