Thursday, October 30, 2008

Courtyard Bistro

dress - bugis village

Dinner at Courtyard Bistro. More Tequila. Costume stress. Sleepless night.

Today was super hectic, together with two girlfriends, I arranged costumes for 20 people. They arrived today, but got done last minute. I damn near lost my mind. But tonight its done, everyone's ready for tomorrow's Halloween Ball. Im exhausted, but heading out for drinks anyway. Warm up, we call it.

Tomorrow is gonna be CRAZYYY. Cant wait to post pictures of our costumes!

PS: I got the dress at some stall at Bugis Village in Singapore. It cost me 10 sing dollars, and after I sent it to the wash, it came back missing buttons, and halfway through the night, one of the straps broke. Hmm. Ah, at least it lasted one night.


Rachel C. said...

i still haven't finished my halloween costume! i decided against judy jetson and i'm just going to be a cute lil' martian girl instead. i hope you'll be posting pictures of your halloween!


Hot Bot said...

I just finished one part of my costume and I think it's amazing. I can't wait to see everyone else's and share mine!