Friday, October 31, 2008

"Who are all these people??"

denim shorts - thrifted and DIY-ed, tank - arizona jeans, scarf - F21, ring - from India

Its mayhem, I tell you! Went out last night for le warmup and to meet half the gang.. and all of a sudden the bar was fullll of these people I had never seen before in my entire life. Les tourists. The bar was packed and there were what looked like 14 year olds on a field trip gone wrong, girls kissing and such.. hmm. Made me feel real old and a little disgusted, cause I have a 13 year old baby sis myself. Tsk tsk. I wanted to call these kids parents and have them picked up! haha.

Hey Jude - Juice Bar - Hey Jude with a quick stop at Bom Bom, where the two afro daddies were scaring the local kids and sippin their drinks through masks. When we got back to jude it was just so packed that the locals hid in the dj's booth and started bit by bit roping off the are so no rowdy's would come in and steal our spot. It was ridiculously hot, pretty much like an oven, and the crazy kids were schwitzig and drunk, so I proceeded to climb up on two chairs and dance my night away like that. Oh and there a was a bubble machine, that pretty much made my night.

Tonight is the night and I am typing this in record speed and hoping I dont have any spelling mistakes, for I do not have any time to correct them, no I dont siree. Im off to my friend's house to get made up and prepare for more crazy drunk behavin'. So I shall see y'all tomorrow!

Happy Halloweenie!


seralouise said...

love the outfit, really cool and relaxed !

DaisyChain said...

Great outfit,
enjoy your Halloween x

coco said...

I love the colours on the head band.
Happy Halloween.

ashleigh said...

ohh love the relaxed look :)

happy halloween!

Ivania said...

cool shorts!

penelope said...

Love your head band!!
Anyway; I'm trying to find out all I can about Phillipines now((:
Wish me luck!

Amelia said...

I love the head-scarf. Looks like a fun Halloween.

Mel said...

you look beautiful! lovely outfit xx