Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bruised, bitten and besoffen.

dress - self made (formerly a long gypsy skirt)

So tomorrow I am off to our mini vacation, and will not be taking my best friend, Mr. Laptop with me, as an attempt to gain more time for serious shopping, and of course loads of lush behaviorials.

This is what a week in my life looks like. (must warn you, not very interesting.)
  • This week, I got into a bit of a disagreement with my kite board. It hit me in the face right between the eyes, and what looks like a scratch in the photo is actually where my skin popped from the impact of the board on it. It almost knocked me out. We all know I like to get into fights with my boards, heck my bikes too.
  • Pomelo (grapefruit) margaritas are super yummy. You must try it.
  • So is a shot of tequila chased by a slice of orange covered in brown sugar and cinnamon. So good, very addictive.
  • Shredding is crazy fun. My first attempt was on this old faded black banana republic tee, but only having watched the first snippet of Camille's tutorial, I had overdone the shredding in all my excitement, and ended up with something more Rodarte looking rather than Raquel Allegra-ish. My second victim is a Forever21 tee I fished out of the sale pile for about $6, and with the stretchy fabric, its a little easier to keep the piece together.
  • Ultimate Frisbee players from all over the globe are/were here after the tournament in manila, and so of course we all joined forces and stumbled all over the island like drunk wild hogs, flying high, but you already knew that. They did the sex shooters at summerplace, i drank a bottle of wine on my own and bit my friend driftwood in the arm as she did with me two days before that, and woke up today feeling like a 16-wheeler had gone all over me at least 10 times.
  • I leave at 9am tomorrow, and am most worried about not having time to paint my nails.
  • Extremely excited about the shopping this weekend, and call on the amazingly awesome vintage shopping gods to guide me in this very delicious quest. Must not have an asthma attack this weekend please.
  • Bullet points are quite fun, I highly recommend having a go at them.
  • My hair is a mess.

I'm off to the boondocks! x

PS: Happy turkey day to you all! gobble gobble.


Bambola said...

=D Sounds like SO much fun! Except for getting into the fight with your board. =S

Love the idea of brown sugar&cinnamon on orange to follow Tequila. I'm a tequila person - I HAVE to try this!

Have a fantastic time shopping :) x

Mode Junkie said...

oh sorry to hear about the kite sweetie. i hope you settle this misunderstanding soon. :) wow your life really looks like a dream for me. the last alcoholic drink i had was for like a year ago? would love to try that pomelo margarita. ich will auch besoffen sein. hihi :)
have fun at your vacation!

Em said...

Oooh your poor thing being hit with a kiteboard! That looks painful!

DaisyChain said...

I miss sport related injuries haha.

Ess Elsie. said...

"Bullet points are quite fun, I highly recommend having a go at them."

Ahahahha, I adore you Dane.

Have fun on your mini vacation!

eva said...

ahh you made that dress yourself? it looks great on you! and messy hair is hot!

Stompface said...

I wish you were taking me instead of Mr Laptop. But I understand that you two are quite close, so I won't try to hurt that friendship.

Denishabeybeh said...

OUCH! but still you're pretty.

just got back from bora. so fun. this time am with my friends.

those drinks looks like a dose of amnesia. though i don't drink but i have got to try it.

cant wait for your next destination.

Erin said...

You have the best life. Seriously. Except for the occasionally being hit in the head with large, heavy objects part.

Hot Bot said...

Dane, you are insanely sweet. Have a safe flight. Can I put you in my pocket and bring you around Honolulu with me?