Wednesday, December 3, 2008

In need of a vacation, from my vacation

tank - cotton on, harem pants - topshop, scarf - bugis vill (singapore), beret - F21

Did everyone go out of town last weekend or what?

I was pretty much all over the country in 6 days. Boracay-Manila-Baguio-Manila-Cebu-Boracay. Im sure I look a mess, exhausted as I am. But the trip was quite productive, and I had amazing company. I do have more photos, too many actually, and they must all be sorted through before I can post any more of them, but I could not resist posting a few.
  • Here you have evidence of the abnormal amount of alcohol we brought on our trip, for two nights of merry-making in the cold. Take note, this was taken after two bottles of rhum were accidentally smashed on the driveway. I guess we wanted to make sure we were gonna stay warm, ya know..
  • I fell in love with these Minnetonkas, and pretty much ran around the store doing a little happy dance in my heart.. only to find out that they did not fit. They looked big enough, but even E tried and did not succeed in trying to fit a foot inside it. Very strange. We were pretty much heartbroken over them, and so I decided to just take a photo of it so I can forever share my grief with you guys. To add insult to injury, they cost only about $4.
  • We bought a shitload of stuff on day one, and bought some more on day two. I cant even begin to describe everything in those plastic bags. We kinda died and went to heaven for a day or two, vintage heaven to be precise. More on that soon.
  • I bought a disgusting shade of pink nail polish at thefaceshop, they have amazing treats, kinda like the body shop but a tad more affordable (thefaceshop is a South-Korean brand). The color is disgusting, very barbie, but also very santogold, thanks to the utterly amazing DJ Astrid, who told me about the yucky pink. But what I really need is a crazy acid green, now that would surely rock my world.
  • Im looking forward to replying to everyones comments. My Bloglovin account shows 99 posts. 99!
Tonight I am attending a bachelorette party. What is it with everyone I know and their mommas getting married?


Hot Bot said...

Holy shit, that's so much stuff. I'm serious in saying that I want to come to the Philippines real bad. Holy smokes.

Mode Junkie said...

wow that is a LOT of bags. and a LOT of alcohol. looks my kind of vacation. glad you're having fun. did you go thrifting crazy in baguio? i wish i can too. boo!

May Kasahara said...

I'm loving the polish. Good pink!

Bella said...


I love the scarf... and those boots are amazing.


Denishabeybeh said...

hi girl. i just came from a Bora vacation too. i must say am feeling lonely now. Post bora has that effect on me.

anyway we're going to Baguio maybe in two weeks time. Care to tell me where is the best vintage shopping location there?

have i told you that you've got a very pretty face there. Such innocence.

i love that blue beret.

Denishabeybeh said...

and oh, those white fringe boots, where did you get them? so cute

Denishabeybeh said...

my nails are ready. hihihihihi.

have take a look.

issa said...

gorgeous as always!! great photos.. hope the bachelorette party was fun!

Juice said...

Minnetonkas and The Face Shop are LOVE. :)