Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Climbing up the walls

shorts - thrifted & DIYed, shredded tee - F21 (DIYed), shoes - vintage converse chuck taylors

denim shorts - people are people, dress - gift from mom (shortened), gladiators - cotton on, bag - vintage

My Nana got a big fat shock when I showed up on her doorstep in all my grungy goodness. She especially despises my ripped baggy shorts, and my high top converse chucks. She pretty much just stared at them and didn't say a word until I jokingly asked her how she liked my shoes, to which she didn't reply, but just shook her head with a disgusted look on her face. Oh, how I my Nana. She must have thought I needed money to buy "proper" clothes, because before leaving, she handed me a little shopping money.. she also gave me a really heavy gold bracelet my Lolo (granddad) made. Going to see my Nana always brings me so much joy. I silently promised to not disappoint her wardrobe wise when I go home this Christmas.

Now lets answer tags.

I was given this by oddgirldiaries.

Im supposed to pass it on to 7 bloggers so here it goes.
Kristin & Val of BLEACHBLACK
Ode to Procrastination
Mode Junkie
and my lovely skurbanista

Ive also been tagged by my sista from another mista HOTBOT.
6 Random Things That Make Me Smile

  • keeping in touch with friends from across the globe, especially the extra special ones.
  • thrifting/vintage shopping - especially when I find lots of goodies
  • sewing! making stuff in general, especially when my friends ask me, "where did you buy that?"
  • music. when I feel crappola and all, radiohead. when happier, dancehall. these days, my new favorite, Elliott Smith [♥]
  • talking to girlfriends about boys. its still entertaining, up to this day.
  • when I feel sticky on a hot day and jump into the water to swim or kite, and to cool off. its the best feeling ever.
I again tag the ones I tagged above, and whoever wants to do the tag.

Ive been in a catatonic state lately, and not much has helped. I am anticipating change for the beginning of the year, and am a nervous wreck, my anxiety is just getting the best of me. So now I will lie down again and immerse myself in Radiohead and Elliott Smiths melodic melancholy.

climbing up the walls - radiohead (zero 7 remix)


Bambola said...

that shredding turned out awesome! I'm really gonna have to give it a go!

What kinda tee did you use?

Dane said...

I used a stretchy tee from F21 that I fished out of the sale bin. Its easier to shred something stretchy, so the threads dont snap as easily. I plan to shred it some more, It a little time consuming, but fun to do when youre bored.

Maya said...

I like this outfit. Those are cute sandals

Trendology said...

your shirt looks great - i'm in the process of working on a shredding project right now. it takes forever!

Anonymous said...

thank you SO much for the Blog Award!

We love you too!


kristin & val

Mode Junkie said...

first of all, thanks for the award and the tag. i'll do this in my next post. :)
secondly, that shirt is amazing! did u use a super stretchy tee? because i tried it and it looked awkward at first so i stopped. if it's gonna look good as this, then i am finishing that friggin shirt.
and lastly, you are too funny. crappola and all. like that.

end of ramble.

Dane said...

The shirt I used is cotton/polyester/spandex. Its very stretchy. So when I shredded it, it was still held together by the tiny strands of spandex. It holds the piece together instead of having major shredded bits hanging down, you should give it a go. =)

coco said...

The shredded tee looks great. I wish we had forever21 in the UK.

Hot Bot said...

AMEN to #6.

And thank you! It's no secret, I love you too!

rachel said...

okay I want to know how you shredded that shirt. it's awesome! :) yep it's super cold here, my toes are always cold.. I can't wait to lie on the beach and feel the sun on my face! I miss wearing slippers too. haha.

oh yeah snowboarding was fun! I'm sure you would love it :) I'd love to spend more time getting better at it too, even if my face ends up all frozen and numb. haha

♥ R

leflassh. said...

oh wow the shredded tee looks way awesome! love love love it.

michelle said...

Stunning shoes! You look good in white!

chocandcinnamon said...

Loved the white T!

oddgirldiaries said...

second pic! cute! ganda pla nung aparador,antique.

Stompface said...

thanks for the award love!

the shredded tee looks amazing.

and yes, how good is elliot smith!


Ess Elsie. said...

TY for the award and tag!!
I'll eventually get around to doing it, when finals are over. I promised myself, no blogging... i think it might be quite hard.

Anyhoo, lovely shredded tee! it came out great.