Monday, December 15, 2008

Highschool Lover

dress - lonely planet, cardi - cotton on, bag - gift from friend

Here's the disgusting barbie pink polish I bought at thefaceshop. The flash ruined the neon-ness of it all.
  • Apparently Im expected to get married soon. That is news to me.. but it seems everyone is doing it these days. Im gonna be a bridesmaid again after christmas. Again, I am plotting my escape from the bouquet throwing bit.
  • I wore this to a wedding. Love these casual beach weddings. If I ever get married, it will be on the beach with maybe 20 people as guests.. Or at a drive through church in Las Vegas, Ive always wanted to meet Elvis. What an honor that'd be.
  • This night, I introduced the lovely newly married couple to new ways of enjoying their Tequila. We took pieces of mango and pineapple and basically threw heaps of cinnamon and brown sugar on them, which we then used to chase down the Tequila. They love me even more now, arent I an amazing friend?
  • Im pretty loopy these days because of this crazy insomnia that Ive always had, but not this bad in a while. I am so distracted. I wonder why.
  • Everyone's been posting about their christmas wishes lately, but Ive been procrastinating; mainly because I want so much, I am afraid of overwhelming you all. What I really really need right now are shoes. Lots and lots of them. Need and want are like the same thing right?
  • Guess who is moving back to the city?

PS: Blog title is a song from the movie The Virgin Suicides.

Highschool Lover - Air


Bambola said...

Gorgeous outfit! & your right, a beach wedding seems like far less hassle :)

Also. You have really nice hands. As weird as it sounds, not all of us do... :)

issa said...

you are freakin adorable!

Mode Junkie said...

ooohh are you moving back in the city?
no more beach pictures? yey.
i always turn green in envy everytime i see bora and booze. haha!
cool idea with the mango chasing mr. tequila. must try when i am not nursing anymore.

and yes, need and want are the same. :) in bloggers' words of course.
love your sundress! cutie!

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Oh Dane you always look so cute!!! I love the dress and I love Barbie nailpolish too!!!

Wait did I hear that right?? Moving back to the city?? And what city is this? Cebu? Manila?? Oh I'm so excited for you! I always enjoy those tidbits you write at the end of each post... makes each entry more personal,that all of us are updated with what's happening to each one, etc. well GOODLUCK Dane!!

Hot Bot said...

You know what, that sounds like a fantastic way of drinking tequila. I have to try it now. I'll find a way to make SOMEONE around here throw a party or bbq so I can bring the Patron. Or does that taste better with gold tequila?

And your move back to the city indicates you got a job out there? Congrats! I have a job interview tomorrow, and growing up.

Dane said...

Mode Junkie - Yessss I shall be leaving the quicksand behind for now, so less beach photos are in order. =)

Peaches - I will be in Manila! Going to dabble in something I havent done in a while.. school! We totally have to arrange a meeting.

Allie - Tequila + cinnamon + brownsugar + fruit = happiness. Havent tried it patron yet, I usually do cuervo around here, gold!
And yes the city its gonna be, mainly for school but also for a part time job. I wonder, will the clubscene ever let go of me? Ahhhh im so excited!

May Kasahara said...

glad you are sleeping well again ♥

beach weddings are the BEST.

*~The World is My Catwalk~* said...

Dane we should!!! Oh I'm so excited for you!!! Sorry about my previous comment.. I meant "read that right" not "hear" -- silly me... typing away as if I was talking!

KATLIN said...

I'm with Allie and saying that I need to dry that tequila chaser! I have a huge bottle of Patron I got for my birthday that hasn't even been opened yet... it's just that tequila is my achilles heel... it really fucks me up! Haha.

Nina (femme rationale) said...

wow you look gorgeous...all tanned and beautiful. and i love the virgin suicides.