Sunday, December 14, 2008

Labor of love

denim shorts - people are people, shirt - the landmark, denim bow bag - home made

I wore this for some bar-hopping, and to a date with Mr. Absinthe and Mr. Tequila. Friends remarked that it looked like I had no pants on underneath, and therefore looked sexy. I guess I shouldn't worry too much about forgetting to put on pants before leaving the house, nobody seems to mind.

The bag I am carrying is one I made myself. Its inspired by the Collette x Gap collection, and originally started as a clutch. I had leftover denim from my last fight with a pair of light wash denim, which are now a pair of amazing shorts, and so I used what I had and just started cutting and sewing by hand, with no real idea of how I was going to turn it into an actual bow. It was also my first time installing a zipper and I did a little victory dance as soon as I figured it out. Then I had some leftover thick knit from a catastrophic project in which i cut up a benetton knit top, which was too small for me, and glue gunned it onto an old wallet. [That actually turned out fine, except I found a vintage wallet for 20pesos [about $.50] in Baguio, so the new wallet was never used] I used that bit of knit left as lining, which out of laziness, I just glued in. The buttons I added in the end, there is one on each side, so that I can loosen it for more bag space. In the end I added a chain that i stole from a furry shoulder bag that I also purchased in Baguio, which makes it easier for me to carry because lord knows I need my hands for my booze and cigarettes. But i still have plans on sanding off the fringy edges, when find the energy. So all in all it was a pretty successful little operation!

Collette X Gap

PS: On the table the bag looks a little wonky because its empty. And I'm still surprised at how much i can actually fit in it!

PPS: Also, what are those flame boogers shooting out of my nose? lol


Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Your so lucky you live somewhere where the shopping is great!
I love the purse you made, what a great diy!

Ess Elsie. said...

I'm jealous that you're that awesome that you can make bags and sew and DIY stuff.

Conclusion: I need to teach myself how to sew... after exams.

Also, finallyyyy answered the tag!

Hot Bot said...

The bag is darling :)

May Kasahara said...

I like your bow bag better ♥

DaisyChain said...

Oh that bag, you should sell them! I'd buy one.

Dope Fiend said...

that bag is the cuteness!!!!!!!!!!
i wanan make one but im much too lazy! i am thinking about studding a semi old bag of mine tho!

nice blog btw


Fashion Therapist said...

Love this DIY cause I was admiring the Colette Gap one awhile ago. So cute!!!

Bernadette said...

hi dane! my name is bernadette and came across your blog thru manila fashion observer. i asked CD a question about where to stay in boracay, to which you responded. thanks so much for the insider's info. we're planning to be in boracay around 1/11. do you recommend that i make reservations from the states or just do it when i get to manila. also, what do you think of nami resort. what restos should we check out in boracay? dancing? bars? hope my hubby and i run into you. thanks so much!

Dane said...

Bernadette - I wont be here in January, I will be in manila then. =)
I recommend making reservations already, because in January, the island is very busy and you might have problems booking the rooms you want. Nami is a great resort, great food too, but it is not on the main beach, its a little farther away. You would have to take a tricycle to get there from the main white beach, which is where all the restaurants and bars are, but maybe they can arrange a van for you.
Restaurants to check out; Fridays (great buffet on friday nights), Mañana for mexican, Cocomangas (best pizza to me), Gasthof (amazing ribs), True Food for indian, Bamboo Lounge for chinese food (check out their Bamboo fried rice), Cyma or Zuzuni for greek. There are loads of restaurants on the white beach, too many good ones to mention.
Bars; check out Hey Jude Bar for house music (busiest bar on the island, big events), Juice Bar for pop/house/hiphop, Summerplace for dancing on the bar, Cocomangas Moondogs for the "15 shots and still standing" challenge.

Hope this helped! =)

nv said...

that purse is so cute! I like this outfit, you're always dressed for the beach, I'm jealous :P

KATLIN said...

So genius!!! And I love your outfit - especially the pairings of two denims! Oh, and the white tee too, I'm obsessed with white tees! :)

Who are you Weesha? said...

The bag is adorable :)
do you live on a beach or something?? how lucky are you!