Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lily Lily Lily

Found this on theskinnywebsite, where they mostly dissed her figure and talked about how her outfit makes her look like she has really short legs.

I say, I would wear everything here just the way Lily did.

I guess I fail at this fashion thing, according to americans, lol.

Now where the hell do I get that Jacket?!


LJ said...

screw them, I think she looks awesome. We can't all wear skinny jeans and heals all the time. Sometimes I think that the short leg is a legitimate look.
But I have problems with the torso! My legs are much longer so I can not wear high wasted things. I look stunted at the waist.

Ms Constantine said...

Some people can be so weird! Lily looks great, maybe except for the hat?

Rachel C. said...

you, fail at the fashion thing? never. besides, americans are, by and large, very poorly dressed in my opinion. and i know because i have to look at them everyday! xo

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm doing my rounds here in your blog and I wish to ask a favor. I know hip-hop isn't your style but can you give me an idea on what to wear? I'm a freshman college student and we're having a school event. The theme is hip-hop and I'm totally blank with the theme. I wish to wear a dress but how do I put it together? IDK where to address this so I decided to post a comment instead. Thanks a lot! -danna

Caroline said...

urgh, americans overanalyze style so much. it drives me crazzzzy

soph said...

that skinny website is crazy weird :o !