Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just live and breathe, and try not to die again..

oversized tank - dorothy perkins, scarf - bugis market, converse high tops - vintage

Admittedly, the title is a really lame attempt at something emo. But I had to at least try, considering it was our theme of the day. I googled emo quotes and got some really random lines, mostly about love. Is that what being emo is about? Because if it is, then Ive been emo all my life.

Surprisingly, this theme fits perfectly into my week.......................

We looked like a gang of misunderstood misfits, walking to the mall for lunch - only our giggling gave us away. Ah, I felt like such a poser, lol.

I was told that next week, I have midterms. I was quite confuzzled for a while there. Is that what school is about? I swear, I have not had an exam in a decade... wait, does a medical exam count?


listening to The Ghost Of You - My Chemical Romance


May Kasahara said...

nonono not lame. AWESOME.

love these photos. you are like my sunglasses IDOL.

Bambola said...

These photos look awesome! You look fashionably emo...without looking over the top emo.


Good luck for your exams

Bambola x

ryder said...


rachel said...

i know, isn't mai just the sweetest?? anyway. your classes sound really cool. I love dressing up to themes. ;) that scarf is awesome, you look great! I'm not sure if I've said this yet, but full bangs look good on you :)


btw, I was scanning through some old photos and I found one where I looked really nene and you were in that picture with me and the girls!

Anonymous said...

you looked real fab that day BUT it was because "i" took MOST of these photos...

-from your BADASS & WICKEDLY AWESOME classmate who finishes FIRST in all class projects and yet tried to steal your rainbow dress design but it didn't matter coz my sketch turned out better.

looveee yooouuu...