Saturday, January 31, 2009

I've been roaming around, I was looking down at all I see..

dress - topshop

dress - vintage, blazer - topshop

bleached jeans - vintage & DIYed

Oh how hectic it all has been. Well the good news is, I survived one of my exams, while the pattern making one has be re-scheduled for this coming Tuesday. The good news is, I have finished project numero uno for sewing, which is an unlined high waisted skirt, and will hopefully complete project # deux on Monday, which is yet another high waisted skirt, this time with lining. After getting my first skirt approved by no other than our director, I proceeded to cutting about 6 inches off it, to suit my style more. I will wear it sometime this week and take photos, can you tell I'm proud? Sewing darts in the right way is no joke.. lol

Again, I have been little miss retail therapy monster, victimizing more TopShop outlets and taking advantage of their ridiculously priced items. By today I must have lost my shopping mojo, because I ended up leaving without buying anything.. for myself that is. So instead I headed over to TopMan and did a little shopping for the boyfriend who has been nothing but amazing in the last few weeks..

As for the photos above, outfit number one is a dress I plan to copy, courtesy of TopShop. It has this amazing bow detail, and we all know how much I bows. Next, the red dress I bought in Baguio City on that vintage shopping excursion with the gals, and the bleached jeans I did ages ago on the island in a tiny bathroom and with two small bottles of thick bleach. I just made a slit in the top of the bottle, and squirted the bleach onto the wet denim.. but I had to do two takes on it because I wasn't satisfied with it the first time around. I kinda love these jeans, they used to be men's jeans until I turned them into skinnies. Love.

I have several ongoing little projects right now, one of them involving gold sequins and and black satin, and another one I am still sketching/figuring out, which includes a lightning bolt. Possibly also via sequins. Oh, Lady Gaga would be so proud!


listening to Use Somebody - Kings of Leon


Juice said...

The first Topshop dress is sooo hot ;)

Hot Bot said...

Oh man. You are one busy bee! I love the topshop dress on you, can't wait to see your version of it. And the rest of your projects!

DaisyChain said...

That first dress is gorgeous, it looks like it was made with you in mind!

Laura* said...

HI!!! Thanks for your lovely comment!!! I live in Malaga in the South of Spain (Andalucia) Did you live here??? OOOHHH I have to say you look so georgeous with the first dress from TopShop... and the second one is nice too!!!

Kisses!!! I'll follow your blog!!!

May Kasahara said...

congrats lady and good luck with your other exam.

ps. I spot some AWESOME green headphones!

May Kasahara said...

congrats lady and good luck with your other exam.

ps. I spot some AWESOME green headphones!

LoveMore said...

oh i love your bracelets and that black jacket!
looking forward to seeing your creations love!

xxx LM

stilettostetico said...

I really like the "casual romantic" style of the first picture (full of serenity), AND the way your Topshop bustier Dress delicately sublimates your shoulders, always just like a delicate carnal unveiling . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

rachel said...

that song has been on loop in my ipod/laptop for a week now! i am inlove with that voice... ahh.

excited to see your projects! luvluv lightning bolts :)

Rachel C. said...

love the combination of that pretty floral frock and blazer - makes me yearn for spring even more!

issa said...

mm.. that topshop dress.. KUTE.

Bambola said...

Woah! That red dress is amazing!!! Actually that whole outfit just rocks!


Bambola x

Charmaine said...

oh topshop! if only they would ship to canada! love ALL the outfits.. gluck on your exam!