Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miss Brightside

Oh what a hectic week, I barely have time to do things like sleep, or worse, paint my nails.. but for shopping somehow, I always manage to find time.. Today I passed by TopShop for a buy one take one sale. Ridiculous, I know. You can buy two sale items, and have to only pay for the pricier piece. I got an amazing swimsuit and a some sailor shorts for about $18. Ah, TopShop is definitely rubbing me the right way these days.

Me: I predict I will drop a few pounds very soon.
BF: Really? Why?
Me: Mmm.. too much shopping..
BF: Exercise?
Me: No money for food..

After which he promptly offered to deposit some money in my pathetic looking account, to make sure I dont starve. Oh he is the best, yes he is.. thank god I dont have access to our joint account right now or else it would be half empty right now.. the account and my local Zara/Topshop branches. Damn you, sales! And thank you. =)

Ok I think its pretty obvious I am slightly delirious from not sleeping, so I should probably make my way to la la land asap. You all have an amazing wednesday/thursday!


ps: Above I am fitting a dress from Camille Liwanag's upcoming graduation collection. I am thinking of how I can incorporate a petticoat in my daily fashion.. any suggestions?

EDIT: I just realized this is post # 100 for me. Oh how fast time flies.


Yves said...

LMAO @ No money for food. Terrible.

fhen said...

that pink hue is nice.. :)
where do you study ?

DaisyChain said...

My parents buy my food, they know I'd starve otherwise as I never have money!

I've been lusting after a petticoat lately too.

Mode Junkie said...

happy 100th. :)
oh my god. buy food. buy food. i have a love/hate relationship with sales season too. but i will always have moolah for food. you are too funny and tell the boyf never ever give you access to that joint account. :)

LJ said...

Oh I love the dress!
Food totally does loose out on priorities...clothes just last so much longer and give so much more enjoyment

Hot Bot said...

Happy 100th! How exciting.

You look so cute underneath all the fluff :)

Dammit I wish we had Topshop and Zara in Hawai'i!!!!!!

May Kasahara said...

can't wait to see the shorts - they sound adorable.

love the photos ♥

rachel said...

congrats on the 100th post! how time flies indeed. ;) ahh I share your sentiment on the no money for food thing.. food is crazy expensive too in Manhattan. Although now I think I've been depraved so much that it's suddenly reversed to me splurging on meals. so good and yet so sad for my wallet.

♥ R