Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Oh what amazing photos.. make me all warm and fuzzy inside..

I miss my Martian.

And model dude's jacket in photo #1 makes me want this:

Too bad its being bid on like crazy.. I guess now I get how Rumi can have 3 pairs of Chloe Docs.. Oh future lucky owner of jacket I love so much, please consider selling it to me. Thanks.

Photo sources - & TreasureChestVintage


Yves said...

lol they must have had so much bird poop on them after that shoot.

May Kasahara said...

so scared of birds!!!!!!!!!!

Hot Bot said...

Amen on Rumi and her Docs. Damn her! Ugh, I'm just a jealous bitch. Haha.

Andy said...

Amazing photos!
I love that coat :)
Rumi has some amazing stuff it's unbelievable :)
check out my new post, it's been a while.
A kiss