Friday, February 27, 2009


bubble dress - people are people, blazer - topshop, gladiators - cotton on, wayfarers - fourskin

denim shorts - people are people, top - vintage, belt - sm, bag - nothing but water, blazer - vintage ( shortened by yours truly)

dress - people are people, flipflops - havaianas

When my little sister was 6, she came to the Philippines for the first time. As soon as she stepped out of the terminal, she stripped down to her bikini and asked my mom: "Are we in an oven?"

That pretty much sums up the weather. The humidity is at times unbearable.. and I find myself constantly looking for the sea to jump into. Counting down the days till thats possible, so for now I have decided to stick to the blazer over summerdress or shorts combo. The blazer is what keeps me from umm, death.. because I am still sick. Our seamstress recognizes my cough as soon as I walk into the studio.. not a good sign, I think.

I made a bag in two days. It is a violet leatherette hobo, with gold studs. Use your imagination. =) I will post photos soon. The best part is - it is lined with violet satin! I still cant believe I designed, patterned, cut and sewed it. I swear, it was all a blur. Lalalalalove.

listening to Tailormade - Colbie Callait


DaisyChain said...

ohh I can't wait to see this bag =)

Hot Bot said...

Dane, you are my hero! I'm nuts about the second outfit. It's doing wonders for your figure and I can't wait to see this hobo-studded-madness :)

proudly says, said...

the last outfit is soooooooooo cool. it fits the tropical philippines!

have a great weekend!

Denise L said...

i love that yellow dress.

am a sucker for anything yellow!

hope you'll feel good soon.

May Kasahara said...

feel better ladyyy ♥

rachel said...

oh man the bag sounds awesome! cant wait to see it :)


rachel said...

oh man that bag sounds awesome! I can't wait to see it :)


Bambola said...

I wanna see this bag!!

Have you ever considered selling any of the things you make?

Bambola x