Sunday, March 8, 2009

Malice in Wonderland

  • That is the title of my final project collection. It was inspired by Alice in Wonderland, my favorite story of all time.. but with a twist. Pastels and black. And body stockings.
  • The pink dogtag is a gift from my boyfriends sister. She got it in Thailand the other week =)
  • Melody won Ms Binibining Pilipinas International last night! This means that she will compete at the Ms International 2009 pageant in October in Macau, and Tokyo Japan. She looked absolutely stunning and just stood out.. we were in tears when she was crowned, it was absolutely spectacular. Photos will be posted soon.
  • Right now I am in foggy Baguio City, for a couple of days of honeymooning before we head out to La Union to hit the surf. I was desperate for a vacation!
  • Tomorrow is vintage hunting time. =)
  • I also made two more bags, and studded my black bag to knock of Alexander Wang's Mad Max inspired bag, seen on Mary Kate Olsen. I will upload photos soon!
  • Also, the closeup of two chain bracelets I made out of umm chains and ribbon. I gave these to two of my fave girls in school.
  • I will try to post again soon.. hotel internet costs an arm and a leg!

PS: I will answer comments on my next post! ♥

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DaisyChain said...

I am so in love with the purple bag and the bracelets.

Ms Constantine said...

Malice in Wonderland! What a fantastic name!!

Hot Bot said...

I adore the sketches. And congratulations to Melody! How exciting.

Enjoy some surf for me girl. It's been too cold here lately. I know right, cold in Hawaii? Chyeah! It sucks.

May Kasahara said...

I really love your sketchesssss!

Mode Junkie said...

i just made a post about a similar diy. just for the head. haha. diy sister?
can't wait for the pictures. and LOVE THE SKETCHES!

phamzy said...

very unique dogtag! she's so sweet for giving you a present! and yes , congratulations to your bf's sister!