Saturday, April 4, 2009

Light as a feather

I would love every piece from this collection please. Easter bunny, are you listening?

And the hair.. oh the hair. ♥

Sue Stemp S/S 2009

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Fashion Moment said...

Thank you for your comment, dear.
Your blog is divine, I added you on both of my Lists. And, yes, Sue Stemp is absolutely fabulous!


¶ MICHELLE.K said...

These photos are fab!

isabelle said...

wow love all these outfits!

Eeli said...

Mr Easter Bunny make this request a double...... ;)

How've you been doll?


Allie said...

Yum! Yes please!

fruitnibbler said...

suits pinas' weather. ^^

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

what a fabulous collection! easter bunny add me to the list please :)