Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Party in the back

cutout tee - thrifted, bikini - zara, shorts - cotton on

Yes yes, I have a palm tree in my room. It holds up the ceiling.

I bought this tee at a thriftstore. Its awesome for the beach.. and I think I could come up with a more DIY-able version, no?

I also received the following from two lovely bloggers:

from life in a shoebox, whose blog is full of pretty pictures


from the beautiful Allie of Hot Robot, who just did a rad new DIY.


I would like to pass both awards onto.. everyone in my blogroll. Because I added you all for a reason.



phamzy said...

hello dane! i like your shirt! thriftstore is always a place to buy unique stuff.

nice room! the palm tree adds life to your neat room!


merve said...

WOW your room is.. amazing !:D

proudly says, said...

i love the shirt, lady.
and you've a nice room with palm tree on the ceiling.

Wanderlusting said...

The shirt is cool but that palm tree is F*king AMAZING!

Allie said...

Holy smokes, your room! I'm so j. Ugh. And the shirt's cool too. I wish I was on an island as rustic and beachy as yours!

Eeli said...

Oh, that is such a relief. It is really admirable to see how uplifted you still are. Such a positive outlook in life. Keep a hold of that attribute peach :)

Definately a party in the back! And you could almost have a paarty in your faboosh room too! lol. That has to be the craziest and coolest room I've seen in a long time! hehehe.

I'm doing alright too i suppose. Pretty stressed with an assignment due tomorrow but otherwise a-okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! :D How about you?


May Kasahara said...

I am beyond jealous of your room.

keeping you and your fam in my thoughts. much love lady.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanna ask what do you use to edit your pictures? photoshop? Thanks.