Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Earthquakes

shorts - vint/DIY, bathers - TopShop, wayfarers - boracay vendors

My palm tree is kinda liking the attention she is getting so here she is in all her glory.

The sweltering heat is getting to me.. is it me or has it gotten even hotter this summer? Its crazy for me to think that others around the world are still wearing gloves and tights and coats. Wanna trade?

Meanwhile, my air conditioning has seemingly given up on trying to cool down my room.. thank god for the fan or I would not even be able to stand through writing this little post.

My little apartment on the beach is shaking due to a sea-of-amplifier induced earthquake. There is an event next door tonight (I live right next to one of the most popular bars on the island), and they are sound checking and setting up.. so of course I couldn't help but do a little dance while taking photos. Now I'm parched and ready for ice cream.. that's the only way to survive the summer! Well, that and ice cold beers.


ps: Gotta love my cuts and bruises. hahha


Bambola said...

The outfit is perfectly beachy! (like peachy but not?)

I suppose the up side to living next to one of the most popular bars is the free entertainment... whether or not you're up for it when they're supplying it is a different matter.

Hope you have a great weekend

Bambola x

phamzy said...

living near the beach must be the greatest place in the world.

i like your bathers! the wayfarers are amazing!

DaisyChain said...

Woah, I am becoming obsessed with your palm tree.

Bella said...

The epitome of effortlessly sexy beachyness... awesome! xxx

emma said...

love the shorts!

Denise said...

your room is so cute. hihi

Eeli said...

Bring me some of that sunshine! Its been raining nearly all week! :(

The palm tree can be a new feature of your blog lol. Its amazing.

Cute beachy and chill outfit too :)


Mode Junkie said...

i will be crashing your pad when i come. ;)