Sunday, April 12, 2009

SANTIGOLD & travelling with the speed of sound.. to SLINKYland

dress & headband - made by me

If you have been reading my blog for a while, then you would know about my obsession with SANTIGOLD, formerly known as Santogold. So when I heard she was coming to the island - my island - I just about lost it.

So can you imagine what it was like for me to be asked on stage to dance with her? I still cant believe it. Her dancers/backup dancers are the cutest things ever, and Santigold, well she is just as rad as I imagined her to be. Live she sounded exactly like she does on her record, and she was smiling and gorgeous in her wicked little jumpsuit, despite the gruelling humidity. At the end of it all, Che and I stole her play lists that were stuck on the stage floor, and I plan to frame mine together with a photo of her.. I told you I was obsessed. We were so close up front, maybe 5 feet away from her at all times. BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

After her performance, and 2 encore songs, fireworks, fire shows, dance numbers and an abstract interpretive dancing, Pete Tong started playing, and we headed over to Slinky to dance the night away. Slinky is one of my favorite events of the year, crazy house music, dancing in the sand until the sun comes up and crazy black lights & neon decoration. At about 5am we were exhausted and decided to hit the sack.. but I could still hear the bass & music until about 7am.

How was your Easter?

PS: Santigold + Boracay + Full Moon + Fireworks =


Allie said...

Dane, you rival Santigold in that dress of yours. I love it! And how fucking exciting, sounds like so much fun.

KATLIN said...

Fuckin awwwsome! Love how you do your island style! :) I am so not an island girl, I take it for granted way too often... hardly go to the beach!

Anonymous said...

i wonder why your blog isn't that known.. it should be! it's the best! iloveit.

Dane said...

Allie, thanks girl. I fell in love with the print instantly!

Kat, you need to spend more time on the beach. I promise you, lots of people would kill for what we have.

Anon 2:22, thanks that is so sweet.. maybe its because Im too lazy to promote it? =)

coco said...

I love your dress. I can't believe you made it, you have SERIOUS skill.

phamzy said...

wow! that was so much fun! i love your maxi dress and headband. i agree with "anonymous", this blog should be known.. this is a great blog and i love all your diy!

amanda said...

you look gorgeous, love the dress!

& that is so awesome that you got to go up on stage :)

Elli said...

Wow sounds if you had a very very very good time, while we had family parties here...i should plan better :D

Eeli said...

WHOLLY MAHNOLOS!!!! I really wanted to insert an expletive instead of those branded kicks but resisted (VERY HARD) hahahaha

GAAAAAAH! You are so so so insanely lucky. I dig her music and I'm just AAAAAAAAH so mega healous right now.

GAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Wholly heck lol I don't think I'm going to be able to string a coherent sentence here haha AAAAAAAAAAAAAH so so damn lucky and you looked so gosh darn cute! But you always do haha.


Pop Champagne said...

great headband!!

♥ fashion chalet said...

I love Maxi dresses
and Santogold :) :)
great post, dear. xo!

Bella said...

That must have been so damn cool, and it shows in every image!!

And I have to add, when I saw this AMAZING Maxi dress... I almost died! So gorgeously paired with the headband... I LOVE IT!


electric feel said...

thanks dear for your comment
you looks fantastic!

LaMimi said...

Wow! That must have been a fun experience! Lucky you:)
I love your dress...gorge color combination:)

ashleigh said...

ahh you look beautiful and wow santo(i)gold (whatever she is now) is amaaaazing. i saw her earlier in the year. what a fire cracker.

and on stage. wow.

you go girl.


WOW! Love your dress! & it look great on you!

Live, Laugh, Love said...

Omg, I'm so jealous. I wish i could see, Santigold. Also, Thanks again for the comment!!!